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Animating a fractal

Something new to try in the fractal world of art is always interesting, so I took to trying my hand at animation in a determination to make something different than the usual style. I'm unsure as to where this style would fit in with my 2D world but it was challenging and interesting to do!

And for some reason the animation is not showing up :(

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Happy Holidays To All!!

This was a fun thing to do, but it isn't something I can class as art.

"My Secret Garden" Calendar - RedBubble

Digital Art - Is It Real Art? - My Case For Digital Art

The controversy over digital art remains as a contention between traditional artists and digital artists web-wide.

When speaking of digital art, I refer to art which is painted stroke by stroke in a program such as Artrage or Corel Painter, and not a cloning program which I don't consider original art. There is a massive difference between the two, and that is a valid point I feel the puritanical traditional artists need to be able to see in action, or even try for themselves before they can legitimately state that digital art is not art.

What are the main reasons given against digital art?

1. There is no original.
2. There is heart and soul in the traditional work which is created by a human hand.

Before I get deeper into my own opinion on this matter, I wish to state that my first love is traditional art, but not for the reasons other's give. I love traditional art just for the love of the mess, smell and feel. I'm also developing an allergy to some of the products which are…