Wednesday, 8 December 2010

End Of Year Art Discount

"Receive an online discount on all artwork in my gallery from 12/08/2010 through to 12/20/2010 by using code: TPELVU when checking out.
Discount applies to artwork only. Frames, matting and shipping charges are not included and will be billed at standard rates. Save up to $20.00 on all artwork with this special discount. Savings are based on print sizes purchased."

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Monday, 4 October 2010

Artistic and Wanting To Start Selling Online?

Are you an artist that wants to sell your work online but don't know how or where to start? As a member of Fine Art America I can fully attest to the pleasure and rewards of becoming an online artist of Fine Art America.

You get a personal website which you can customize to your own taste. Your art is gloriously printed at extreme high quality. You actually DO earn from your sales and minimal is taken by the site - this is in extreme contrast to any other site you will find on the internet.

If you have images gathering, and your hard drive is filling up at an alarming rate. Take a free trial and enjoy all the benefits. Artists, Photographers - any style of artist is welcome. You won't be sorry, and the forums are filled with fun, learning and support!

Websites for Photographers

I hope to see you there.


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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

H1N1 – First Hand Account - A Break From Art

Several weeks ago I started feeling very unwell, but there was nothing that I could really place my finger on and say “this hurts so badly”. A few days later my husband began experiencing the same vague symptoms.

We discovered that the H1N1 virus is and has been one of the most insidious viruses we have ever encountered. Both of us have previously suffered Hong Kong Flu and Avian Flu, so in speaking of the H1N1 virus, we have a lot of experience in what is a ‘nothing much’ virus and what is a virus that could really kill.

H1N1 could kill. Easily.

Those very first 7-14 days were days where we both said that H1N1 was a joke, and that if this is all there is to it, then the media and W.H.O really hyped it up. Sure, we felt badly, but just like an ordinary flu-like virus. Alas, that was just the beginning. I had already told friends I had the flu, but have since shut up as it wasn’t going away and I felt like a drama queen. No flu lasts weeks and weeks!! Or does it?

Around day 14 I awoke coughing to the point where I couldn’t get a breath in unless I physically forced myself not to cough simply in order to breathe. It was frightening, not so much in the velocity, but the feeling that my entire respiratory system was being invaded; I would venture to say it was a sensation that the respiratory system is targeted. My husband suffered similar but his never migrated to his chest – what was strange here was that he still experienced the same shortness of breath, but without all the coughing and mucus, although he has a lot of mucus in the laryngeal area.

Around day 21 my coughing was clearly getting out of control, so having suffered pneumonia before I asked my husband to pound my back in order to loosen the never ending supply of mucus. Yes, this sounds gross, but this is reality. It is not an infection, but eventually the mucus is tinged with blood. The chest is painful, it hurts to cough, and the coughing becomes paroxysmal.

During one of these bouts my husband had me lay face down as he pounded my lungs to try and gain me a little more air. What happened instead is that my respiratory system went into bronchial spasms – a complete lock down occurred except for one tiny wheeze of air I could force air in and out of.

I could not speak past parts of words, and managed to partly get out the word of an asthma inhaler we always keep around the house in case of seasonal allergies. My husband administered the drug as best he could, and as best as I could inhale, but it did start to soothe the airways and passages and allow me to breathe a little better. Emergency care was administered and I was recommended to stay on an inhaler throughout the time span of the flu.

The list of symptoms is almost endless, and having read others accounts around the net, I have discovered that this is one influenza that does not have a one size fits all. The one thing it has in common is that the respiratory system is attacked.

It is now around 4 weeks and although both my husband and I are getting better, both still suffer with lingering symptoms, and sometimes flares of older ones. I get little sleep as my cough is trying to do a complete clean out and has a preference for night time. 1 hour awake, 2 hours sleep, and on we go. Breathlessness is still vague for my husband, and more pronounced in me, but even that symptom almost disappears for an hour or so each day. My husband is plagued with a heavy head that comes and goes. We can only tell each other that as we see some glimmers of flu ‘free times’ this gives us hope that we are on the mend. The fatigue is endless.

Symptoms at a glance

Headache, Earache, Fever, Sweating, Coughing, Muscle Aches and Pains, Muscle Spasms, Insomnia, Sleepiness, Fatigue, Wheezing, Chest Rattles [these resemble death rattles], Sinus Pain, Paroxysmal Coughing Bouts, Breathlessness, Respiratory Failure, Bronchial Spasms, Laryngeal Pain, Never Ending Cough, Massive Mucus Production [there has to be a market for this], Night Coughing, Sore Tongue, Irritated Eyes, Sensitive Eyes, Light Headedness, Dizziness, Mild to Moderate Temporary Cognitive Dysfunction.
No doubt there are symptoms I have missed, but the last listed symptom explains why parts of this entire article may not always make sense – I have tried to give a very honest account close to the ordeal and yet distanced sufficiently to tell it with some comprehension.

Please don’t go on thinking H1N1 is a nothing deal. Sure, some people won’t get it as severe, and others will get it worse, but do you really want to take the risk? If I had it all to do over again, I would have had the vaccination. Neither of us had Tamiflu during the flu. This was a conscious decision.

Please – Stay Safe!

-Zeana Romanovna

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Monday, 9 August 2010

Recent Art Amidst Depression

I think most artists will agree that whilst going through a crisis that their artistic creativity takes a dive into a place that just cannot be entered, so with that in mind, I took to completing many works that just sat unfinished.

Often I will like a work when completed, and then not like it at a later time, and that means the delete button is very effective online, but not so easy offline. After all, the work "might" be able to be saved. I have to many works that wait to be saved so I am having a rather vicious cleaning period on and offline.

Through this period of my life I am also returning more and more to my beloved traditional art - slowly but surely. I still have some allergy issued to attend to, but this change is something I welcome as part of my artistic growth.

Digital art will always be my second love, or runs parallel with traditional [I can never work that one out], and I have many wonderful friends that are the most magnificent digital artists who produce brilliant works of art.

Anyway, work under stress - my Mother has inspired so much in me lately - deeper colors or vivid hues, strong tones or delicate pastel - somewhere in each work a little of her is there with me. She doesn't know it, but she's often on my artistic rides - I wish I was half the artist she is.

For you, Mum ♥

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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Fine Art Of Thomas Broadfoot - Art By Silent

Viewing the Fine Art of Thomas Broadfoot is rather like being taken into another world and having my core values, beliefs, and my general thinking highly challenged as to what is real and what is not.

Thomas Boradfoot has a way of getting inside the viewers head, and it truly feels like an analysis of one's core thoughts are being taken to the max.

Thrilled with colors, shimmer, and shine, and then further challenged with forms which at first glance may often seem familiar. But part of the imagery is always elusive to the point of asking oneself 'is this what I think?'.

All of this is a very normal reaction for me, and I am sure others, when viewing the Fine Art Of Thomas Broadfoot. Needless to say, Thomas is an artist who's works I admire greatly, and I freely admit to having attempted to try and replicate some of his style with mere failures; the end results being too humorous to share, and yet the attempts are the highest compliments I could pay an artist of such calibre.

Thomas says of himself "As a self-taught digital artist, I thrive on interpreting my ideas about our world and other worlds beyond, mixing reality and mystery by using tools of the 21st century to create art. My work has been influenced by my love of sci-fi stories, history, politics, science, and current events. While many of the landscapes appear to be photo-realistic, there are no photos used in creating the scenes. Among some of my greatest joys is the opportunity to create images that exist nowhere on this planet but within my own mind. Technology allows me to emulate traditional art media and techniques through several computer applications to create textures and shapes. I'm able to create and then assemble objects, skies, and terrains in the 3D graphics application, Vue.

Most of my images begin on a blank electronic canvas and expand layer upon layer. By creating my own vegetation, atmospheres, and terrains, I can then combine them into a myriad of land or seascapes. Just as any artist does, I pay particular attention to composition, color palette, lighting, and perspective. Every day I have dedicated time to creating art. I also keep up with new techniques via industry periodicals and internet research.

While my landscapes often remind viewers of places they recall, there is something intentionally otherworldly in the work. Collectors of my work appreciate it for its style, color, and textural appeal.

My current work investigates environmental devastation through surrealistic landscapes."

As you can see, his intent is to present us with intentional otherworldly imagery, and he succeeds completely.

Have you ever thought you have seen the true horizon with the earths' roundness? I have. But Thomas creates it.

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In this work we can immediately see the Sci-Fi, but ultra mixed with a dose of reality.

Photography Prints

Further to this our minds are questioned with "end of world" themes, which although everyone questions, Thomas Braodfoot lays in front of us, fully confronting us with the idea of our own demise - at the hands of our own greed and lack of care for the earth.

2012? Who knows?

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In a unique style, Thomas' Broadfoot has also had his work published as a bookcover. As his work covers so many varied subjects, it is no surprise that artworks of this calibre are wanted by authors.

Photography Prints

On a personal note, I have a deep love for Morano Glass and the shimmering solidarity of the forms, and there are times I could swear that Thomas Broadfoot appeals to my love of this glass, tempting me to collect more - every time he creates a shimmering artwork he reminds me of my love of this beautiful glass, and yet in his own artistic manner his work surpasses that of my beloved glass. Maybe one day there will be "Broadfoot Glass". I would like to think so. Below are some of my favorites. I would defy anyone to not be entranced by the forms Thomas creates.

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Oragami anyone?

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Thomas Broadfoot is also not alien to photography, and yet still that specular solidity of form is ever present.

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

In showing Thomas's works here, I have to say that with most artists, I can always select a few personal favorites, but no matter how hard I try, Mr Broadfoot confounds me, and within his beautiful portfolio, all works are favorites because each one appeals on a different plane of thought.

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Please take a moment out of your day to visit the portfolio of Thomas Broadfoot. I promise you a unique experience! Each image is clickable and will take you to the image as a print for sale, but to view all his works please visit Art BySilent - Thomas Broadfoot

Please remember that no artists works on my blog are in the public domain. Each image above is copyright, all rights reserved by Thomas Broadfoot.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Featuring The Fine Art Of Roxy Riou

I have never as yet had the pleasure of meeting Roxy Riou in person, but I have certainly met her online. To converse with, she is witty, passionate about life, kind, generous, and above all, she is one of the most humble artists one is likely to meet. Constantly questioning her abilities she furthers her own quest to present new and exiting artworks, and rather like a seeker of truth, her art speaks far more of her talents than she could do so for herself.

Roxy Riou specializes in many art forms and media, and is extremely well hearsed in freehand digital painting.

In her own words she says
Always an Artist at heart, I was raised in Greenwich Village, certainly when it was the Bohemian center of New York City. The people, architecture, concepts, and small-town living in the middle of a big city helped to form how I see the world - my own personal brand of Life-Thought. I love to see the everyday Magic in Nature, in our Universe and within Us. My art comes from the Heart, and the Muses that stop by then and again.

Roxys' art does come from her heart, and it shows in many works. One that is her personal favorite, and a dedication to her Father is "As In A Dream".

Art Prints

I must admit that when I view the artwork, it is as if we the viewers are transported into a dream Roxy has created. Beauty, color, and an excellent composition make for a landscape image that calls to an emotion within a viewer.

Other artworks that speak to me in similar tones are -:

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Photography Prints

Photography Prints

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Art Prints

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If I "had" to sum up the fine art of Roxy Riou in one word it would be "spiritual". I do not use that word in a religious sense, but more in a sense of "within". For me, Roxy Riou paints the world with her heart.

An extra image I am sharing here is gorgeously sweet, and solely because I adore all things natural and sweet.

Photography Prints

Roxy Riou's Fine Art can be purchased by clicking on any of the images above. You will find yourself immersed in her gallery of heartfelt delights.

Fine Art Of Roxy Riou

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