Thursday, 14 January 2010

Poem By My Husband To Me - Posted With Permission

My Lady’s Hands

How I love the touch of my Lady’s hands
Her palms are like alabaster so soft and gentle
Skin of ivory, peaches and cream, so soft when pressed to my lips
Long graceful fingers, beautiful, slender and strong
Nails wrought from iron, perfectly sculptured, finely honed
A true amoury and proud delight
Loving touch of a living Angel
From my Lady’s hands

Silently I creep into the room
Where before the easel my Dream Lady stands
Long dark flowing tresses wound and pinned atop her head
Like Joseph’s coat of many colors,
The old dark apron fastened around her slender waist
Is daubed with a rainbows kaleidoscope from efforts of times past
Adorned with delightful simplicity of paint stained prints
From my Beloved Lady’s hands

No brush cradled within her alabaster palm comes to view
As I silently pad up behind her in soft clad feet
Lost, deep, far away in her beautiful, creative, thought world, of art
Oblivious to my close presence, from above
To my astonishment, as I peer down over her ivory shoulders
Long graceful fingers cover in paint I see
Working their magicians magic on the emerging veil

My hands gently encircle her so slender waist
With a start and sharp intake of breath, my Dream Lady spins
And then suddenly returns to my world
A long slender finger waggles admonishingly under my nose
For startling me so, I am told

My Lady's smile breaks wide, warm and loving
With a strange mischievious twinkle within her glowing, vibrant eyes
I feel the gossamer touch of her hands apon my neck
My entire being shivers with the delight of her caress

Hands creeping higher, into my hair, gripping, caressing, so gently teasing
Suddenly, from within her soul a deep chuckle bubbles forth
Gales of mirth burst forth from her breast
Tears of hilarity roll down her cheeks and as I reach into my hair
Suddenly, I know where the grey paint from her hands and the veil now reside
Laughter bursts forth from within me.

A great tide of love flows between us
Love that will stand the test of time.