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Fine Art

The Art Of Jeff Kolker

A short time ago I came across an artist that works as a Digital Painter and immediately I was impressed by the fact that at first I had no idea whatsoever that his art was not done with oil paints.

In his own words Jeff says "Self taught, I use the computer to paint. I've always been interested in computers since I first worked on one way back in high school. And I've always had an appreciation for art, as my mother is an accomplished painter. Merging the two, what you see are the results. Digital work that looks (hopefully!) like a traditional painting. "

He has succeeded in his efforts, and his works certainly look like traditionals. As a multi media artists myself, I also love digital art and have great respect for it, but I never ask artists their secrets.

I believe that what artists like Jeff bring to the table by way of their sheer creativity, are fresh, unique, sensitive and certainly talented works of art.

Please be sure to take a peek at his portfolio and e…

Decided To Zazzle Things Up


Many artist friends have mentioned the fun and artistic sense of having a Zazzle store. It was only when I made one and then went on to upload and creat a few things that I could see why so many people love Zazzle.

I was also very surprised to read on the Zazzle forum that some artists actually make a living by creating products.

So what is it that sets Zazzle apart from other online POD sites? A lot. Almost anyone, no matter what their income status, could find a little piece of art that was affordable to them, and this made me realize that sometimes we may have to go with the times and see that not everyone can afford the high end works we have on offer, so why not make some beautiful art that has a variable price range where there is something for everyone?

I see no sense in hanging on to artistic elitism in a world that is in a declining economy. That doesn't mean that I will stop making my art for those that can afford it, a…

Mastering The Past

Dedication In Honor of William Bourguereau- Many years ago I purchased the rights to print and/or paint from a select group of past Masters. In life, other than on internet, I have sold many of these as oil paintings and am only now deciding to release a few for purchase as prints, or merely for viewing pleasure. Many are freehand digitally painted, and some are oils, but I will not be releasing the original images I purchased as nothing of me went into those, and I see no honor or dedication in such. All took me over 100 hours each to faithfully reproduce to the very best of my ability. When studying, this was part of my fine art studies and for me, it is not only an honor to do, it has also been a massive and intensive learning curve. I hope you enjoy viewing these works reproduced by my hand in honor, and dedication, to past Masters who showed we artists to follow, the light to fine art. I don't believe for one second I have done one of these Masters their due, but it was a mos…

My Search To Overcome Paint Allergies

This past weekend I tried my hand at watercolors, and despite some good advice from an artist friend I still managed to make quite a mess that was merely worth the inside of the garbage can.

Thus I came to the decision that I needed some in depth help. I slowly crawled the net in seek of someone who painting a subject I love, and in a style I like.

Eventually I came across the beautiful works of Doris Joa, and promptly paid for her e-book on how to paint flowers realistically with watercolor. I know this is rather ironic as I have little regard for realism in other media other than photography; I can admire it, but never love it, and yet in watercolor, even realism is painterly.

I am unsure how I will go with my new studies, but to try is part of the battle, and one way or another I am determined to win!

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