Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Decided To Zazzle Things Up


Many artist friends have mentioned the fun and artistic sense of having a Zazzle store. It was only when I made one and then went on to upload and creat a few things that I could see why so many people love Zazzle.

I was also very surprised to read on the Zazzle forum that some artists actually make a living by creating products.

So what is it that sets Zazzle apart from other online POD sites? A lot. Almost anyone, no matter what their income status, could find a little piece of art that was affordable to them, and this made me realize that sometimes we may have to go with the times and see that not everyone can afford the high end works we have on offer, so why not make some beautiful art that has a variable price range where there is something for everyone?

I see no sense in hanging on to artistic elitism in a world that is in a declining economy. That doesn't mean that I will stop making my art for those that can afford it, and do, but it does mean that I will spend time thinking of others and their limited means.

Art should be for the people. It is of little use locked in an attic or sitting on a hard drive.

Opinions expressed are merely my own, but I salute all other artists who spend the time in making affordable art!


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