Monday, 1 February 2010

My Search To Overcome Paint Allergies

This past weekend I tried my hand at watercolors, and despite some good advice from an artist friend I still managed to make quite a mess that was merely worth the inside of the garbage can.

Thus I came to the decision that I needed some in depth help. I slowly crawled the net in seek of someone who painting a subject I love, and in a style I like.

Eventually I came across the beautiful works of Doris Joa, and promptly paid for her e-book on how to paint flowers realistically with watercolor. I know this is rather ironic as I have little regard for realism in other media other than photography; I can admire it, but never love it, and yet in watercolor, even realism is painterly.

I am unsure how I will go with my new studies, but to try is part of the battle, and one way or another I am determined to win!

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