Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Featuring The Fine Art Of Roxy Riou

I have never as yet had the pleasure of meeting Roxy Riou in person, but I have certainly met her online. To converse with, she is witty, passionate about life, kind, generous, and above all, she is one of the most humble artists one is likely to meet. Constantly questioning her abilities she furthers her own quest to present new and exiting artworks, and rather like a seeker of truth, her art speaks far more of her talents than she could do so for herself.

Roxy Riou specializes in many art forms and media, and is extremely well hearsed in freehand digital painting.

In her own words she says
Always an Artist at heart, I was raised in Greenwich Village, certainly when it was the Bohemian center of New York City. The people, architecture, concepts, and small-town living in the middle of a big city helped to form how I see the world - my own personal brand of Life-Thought. I love to see the everyday Magic in Nature, in our Universe and within Us. My art comes from the Heart, and the Muses that stop by then and again.

Roxys' art does come from her heart, and it shows in many works. One that is her personal favorite, and a dedication to her Father is "As In A Dream".

Art Prints

I must admit that when I view the artwork, it is as if we the viewers are transported into a dream Roxy has created. Beauty, color, and an excellent composition make for a landscape image that calls to an emotion within a viewer.

Other artworks that speak to me in similar tones are -:

Photography Prints

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Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

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Art Prints

Art Prints

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Photography Prints

If I "had" to sum up the fine art of Roxy Riou in one word it would be "spiritual". I do not use that word in a religious sense, but more in a sense of "within". For me, Roxy Riou paints the world with her heart.

An extra image I am sharing here is gorgeously sweet, and solely because I adore all things natural and sweet.

Photography Prints

Roxy Riou's Fine Art can be purchased by clicking on any of the images above. You will find yourself immersed in her gallery of heartfelt delights.

Fine Art Of Roxy Riou

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Featured Art

It is my pleasure to feature such a wonderfully versatile artist such as Scott Hovind.

In his own words he says "Around five years ago I picked up a camera for the first time and I've been attached to a camera since. Photography is now my life, my passion.

Anyone who views the portfolio of this talented artist is going to see that his work is indeed passionate. It is so varied and interesting; filled with subjects and styles which are beautifully classic in genre, and then he takes a sharp turn and dives into more modern, contemporary styles where he dares to maniplulate his own works into artworks that befit a multi media artist.

Although known for his photography, Scott Hovind is not averse to bringing to the viewer a wide range of artistic styles that are sure to please many an art collector.

Majestic beauty of Landscape Photography

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Sell Art Online

Classic Black and White

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Art Prints

Inside the Artists' mind - conceptual works

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Photography Prints

Artistic Photography - Photomanipulation and HDR

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Sell Art Online

Two personal favorites that for me, get to the heart of the sensitivity within Mr Hovind's works

Art Prints

Art Prints

To view these works in a larger format to appreciate the beauty, click on any of the images. I am aware that no matter which artworks I select to show you, they are but a very minor portion of what Scott has to offer. In no way can I do him, or any artist any complete justice.

Scott Hovind's work is also available for purchase at Fine Art America -

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Monday, 1 March 2010

Scott's Art and Photography blog: Visit

Scott's Art and Photography blog: Visit

I have had many ideas as to how to promote both my own art and the art of friends, but Scott Hovind has outdone may of the best.

Fantastic, brilliant and well worth a look at the beautiful art Scott is showing on his blog. An excellent artist in his own right, he has kindly and innovatively dedicated a lot of his time to promoting others.

Great work, Scott!

Virtual Art Class

Virtual Art Class

David Leffel: Learn to love to learn to paint.

Clark Hulings: Stay in school and study as much drawing and basic painting as you can manage.

Howard Terpning: Learn the craft and don't worry about making a lot of money. If you do good work and work very very hard, success will follow.

G. Harvey: Being an artist is a one man business, and you have to dig deep and have that desire and passion to do your very best.

Fran Larsen: Fran's professor told her that the act of creativity is the application of the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.

Richard Schmid: Besides getting the best classical training possible, never compromise, and never listen to the critics!

Richard Greeves: Don't think you know how to do it too quickly. You need time in the harness.

John Asaro: Just pursue your dream. Do things that make you happy if you can afford to do it.

Alyce Frank: Just keep painting. Work, work, work.

James Bama: Get good training and learn to draw. It starts with drawing. Then work 17 hours a day.

Merill Mahaffy: Go to an art school as opposed to a college or university program. The difference is you are learning art theory at college, but when you go to an art school, you are learning how to draw.

Roy Anderson: Draw. And draw from life.

Kenneth Bunn: Draw continually, to teach your hand to do what your eye sees.

Phyllis Capp: Hear your own song.

Don Crowley: Never give up, and never put out anything that you don't think is your very best work; if it sells, you'll regret it.

Robert Daughters: Keep your nose to the grindstone and always try to do the next painting better. Really study and try to improve yourself constantly.

Kenneth Riley: There are no shortcuts. Learn to draw, draw, draw. Study the greats of art history, but be yourself; don't be an imitator.

Robert "Shoofly" Shufelt: Disciplined work habits make a career. Build upon strengths instead of resting on them. Don't get too comfortable. The goal is to keep talent developing throughout a long career.

Jim Reynolds: Take your time. Make sure you know your subject matter. Make a lot of quick sketches. Study light. Without it there is nothing to look at. Don't look for overnight success; work hard and earn it.

Overall a very interesting blog of an artist.
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