Sunday, 14 March 2010

Featured Art

It is my pleasure to feature such a wonderfully versatile artist such as Scott Hovind.

In his own words he says "Around five years ago I picked up a camera for the first time and I've been attached to a camera since. Photography is now my life, my passion.

Anyone who views the portfolio of this talented artist is going to see that his work is indeed passionate. It is so varied and interesting; filled with subjects and styles which are beautifully classic in genre, and then he takes a sharp turn and dives into more modern, contemporary styles where he dares to maniplulate his own works into artworks that befit a multi media artist.

Although known for his photography, Scott Hovind is not averse to bringing to the viewer a wide range of artistic styles that are sure to please many an art collector.

Majestic beauty of Landscape Photography

Sell Art Online

Sell Art Online

Classic Black and White

Photography Prints

Art Prints

Inside the Artists' mind - conceptual works

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Artistic Photography - Photomanipulation and HDR

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Sell Art Online

Two personal favorites that for me, get to the heart of the sensitivity within Mr Hovind's works

Art Prints

Art Prints

To view these works in a larger format to appreciate the beauty, click on any of the images. I am aware that no matter which artworks I select to show you, they are but a very minor portion of what Scott has to offer. In no way can I do him, or any artist any complete justice.

Scott Hovind's work is also available for purchase at Fine Art America -

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