Monday, 1 March 2010

Virtual Art Class

Virtual Art Class

David Leffel: Learn to love to learn to paint.

Clark Hulings: Stay in school and study as much drawing and basic painting as you can manage.

Howard Terpning: Learn the craft and don't worry about making a lot of money. If you do good work and work very very hard, success will follow.

G. Harvey: Being an artist is a one man business, and you have to dig deep and have that desire and passion to do your very best.

Fran Larsen: Fran's professor told her that the act of creativity is the application of the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.

Richard Schmid: Besides getting the best classical training possible, never compromise, and never listen to the critics!

Richard Greeves: Don't think you know how to do it too quickly. You need time in the harness.

John Asaro: Just pursue your dream. Do things that make you happy if you can afford to do it.

Alyce Frank: Just keep painting. Work, work, work.

James Bama: Get good training and learn to draw. It starts with drawing. Then work 17 hours a day.

Merill Mahaffy: Go to an art school as opposed to a college or university program. The difference is you are learning art theory at college, but when you go to an art school, you are learning how to draw.

Roy Anderson: Draw. And draw from life.

Kenneth Bunn: Draw continually, to teach your hand to do what your eye sees.

Phyllis Capp: Hear your own song.

Don Crowley: Never give up, and never put out anything that you don't think is your very best work; if it sells, you'll regret it.

Robert Daughters: Keep your nose to the grindstone and always try to do the next painting better. Really study and try to improve yourself constantly.

Kenneth Riley: There are no shortcuts. Learn to draw, draw, draw. Study the greats of art history, but be yourself; don't be an imitator.

Robert "Shoofly" Shufelt: Disciplined work habits make a career. Build upon strengths instead of resting on them. Don't get too comfortable. The goal is to keep talent developing throughout a long career.

Jim Reynolds: Take your time. Make sure you know your subject matter. Make a lot of quick sketches. Study light. Without it there is nothing to look at. Don't look for overnight success; work hard and earn it.

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