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Fine Art Of Thomas Broadfoot - Art By Silent

Viewing the Fine Art of Thomas Broadfoot is rather like being taken into another world and having my core values, beliefs, and my general thinking highly challenged as to what is real and what is not.

Thomas Boradfoot has a way of getting inside the viewers head, and it truly feels like an analysis of one's core thoughts are being taken to the max.

Thrilled with colors, shimmer, and shine, and then further challenged with forms which at first glance may often seem familiar. But part of the imagery is always elusive to the point of asking oneself 'is this what I think?'.

All of this is a very normal reaction for me, and I am sure others, when viewing the Fine Art Of Thomas Broadfoot. Needless to say, Thomas is an artist who's works I admire greatly, and I freely admit to having attempted to try and replicate some of his style with mere failures; the end results being too humorous to share, and yet the attempts are the highest compliments I could pay an artist of such cal…