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Recent Art Amidst Depression

I think most artists will agree that whilst going through a crisis that their artistic creativity takes a dive into a place that just cannot be entered, so with that in mind, I took to completing many works that just sat unfinished.

Often I will like a work when completed, and then not like it at a later time, and that means the delete button is very effective online, but not so easy offline. After all, the work "might" be able to be saved. I have to many works that wait to be saved so I am having a rather vicious cleaning period on and offline.

Through this period of my life I am also returning more and more to my beloved traditional art - slowly but surely. I still have some allergy issued to attend to, but this change is something I welcome as part of my artistic growth.

Digital art will always be my second love, or runs parallel with traditional [I can never work that one out], and I have many wonderful friends that are the most magnificent digital artists who produce br…