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H1N1 – First Hand Account - A Break From Art

Several weeks ago I started feeling very unwell, but there was nothing that I could really place my finger on and say “this hurts so badly”. A few days later my husband began experiencing the same vague symptoms.

We discovered that the H1N1 virus is and has been one of the most insidious viruses we have ever encountered. Both of us have previously suffered Hong Kong Flu and Avian Flu, so in speaking of the H1N1 virus, we have a lot of experience in what is a ‘nothing much’ virus and what is a virus that could really kill.

H1N1 could kill. Easily.

Those very first 7-14 days were days where we both said that H1N1 was a joke, and that if this is all there is to it, then the media and W.H.O really hyped it up. Sure, we felt badly, but just like an ordinary flu-like virus. Alas, that was just the beginning. I had already told friends I had the flu, but have since shut up as it wasn’t going away and I felt like a drama queen. No flu lasts weeks and weeks!! Or does it?

Around day 14 I …