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Last Of 2011 Limited Time Discount Print Offers

Recent Art and Special Offers

Limited Time Promotions : Final Discounts Before The Holidays

Jealous Othello
All In A Dream
Come To Me In The Moonlight
The limited time offers are for the images below. Please click the links above to receive the discounts - the images are here for preview purposes only. You can visit them and zoom in onto details, but please use the links above to get your discounts!!

Happy Art Giving!

vintage metal prints

Art - My Latest Offerings!

Here we stand in the middle of this new world with our primitive brain, attuned to the simple cave life, with terrific forces at our disposal, which we are clever enough to release, but whose consequences we cannot comprehend. ~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams. ~William Butler Yeats

How many people forget the faces of others they spend time with? How many people are into so much fun they forget they leave no lasting impression?

Now just drop over at the link below - pay me a visit and pick up a print for the ones you love this coming festive season!! :)

Affordable Fine Art Prints

Vue 10 Infinite - Worth The Upgrade?

[caption id="attachment_238" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Scene Is Copyright To Vue - Render is my own"][/caption]

For many years now I have been slowly learning Vue Infinite, but throughout that learning process I have felt very frustrated at the render times taking over every computer we have in the house. When it came to upgrading my Vue 9 Infinite to version 9.5 I passed by the upgrade and decided until Vue came up with a better renderer or solution that I was calling quits on upgrades.

Until Now.

Vue 10 Infinite and Vue 10 XStream came out with these promises -:

Flexible Rendering Options
The render control panel offers precise control over every single render parameter, giving you the flexibility you need to complete rendering on schedule without sacrificing quality.

360 degrees render
Choose between distributed ray traced or hybrid 2.5D motion blur, fine tune the level of traced reflections, super-sampling, soft shadows, blurred ref…

Abstract Expressionism and Letting Go Of Hyper Realism

I am still struggling with letting go of the hyper-realistic style of art that I was taught and have spent hours upon hours trying to loosen up my way of expressing myself via my art.

For a long time I had no faith I could do this and thought I was "stuck" in a mode of "forever realism".

Not so, and whilst I may not always like the results, there is definitely a real change in my art work of late.

Some I have dabbled with fractals, and others are mixed media with oils and digital combined - which appears to be a style that is rather uniquely mine - for better or worse, I am unsure - and aren't we artists often unsure of ourselves? I am, and am not afraid to admit it - artistic growth is a difficult and often confusing path to walk, and yet it's a walk each of us must take.

I hope my readers like some of these new artworks - particularly the mixed media, although the others are a medium I have used before, the style is different.

The fight to emerge is ongoing…

Free Textures For Commercial Use

A gift for my readers and fellow artists.

High quality print ready textures for use in your art projects. On some of the dark textures with scratches, try with the blending mode set to "difference" - it creates a very lovely effect.


What Is Art? But Is It Art?

What Is Art? But Is It Art?
Visit any art forum and at some time you will find rather extensive and sometimes often heated discussions on the subject of “what is art” or the more pointed “is it art”.
My opinion as to what constitutes art and “is it art” is rather simplistic for me the viewer, but not so simple for me the creator of a work.
As a viewer I immediately and seemingly innately know if a work I view is art or not.
What sets my criteria?
I’m unsure for the most part, but there are certain events that occur on a deep level when viewing a work that has the immediate effect of telling me “this is art”.
1. Emotional Impact.
2. Composition
3. Tonal Balance
4. Color
5. Technique Used
Notice how “Technique” came in last? I don’t really care how a work was created to make what I deem as good art but I do notice it after the other criteria have fulfilled my senses.
Almost all of the other criteria could be placed under “emotional impact”. All of us are affected by color, composition and tonal bal…

Romanovna Romance – The Romance Of Life

Not to be confused with romantic love (only). My new Zazzle Store is filled with my love of life, nature, birds, animals and flowers - and so much more, so drop by and see if you like it. Uploads are still in progress so there is still a very long way to go, but I will get there.

Have a beautiful day!

Love In Every Petal

Many people may have noticed that recently I do a lot of works with flowers as a main theme. There is a reason why, but here is not the place to tell it. I just want my readers to know that love is often times one of the most difficult, or most impossible emotion to show from a distance, but this is my way. It is not romantic love that motivates me, but a love that lived way before we were old enough for romantic love, and even if or when romantic love dies, this love within every petal lives on forever.

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Emergency Image Enlargement

Many of us have received an email stating "Your file cannot be printed at the size requested by the customer as the image is degraded". Or words to that effect.

Can you get yourself out of this? Sometimes, and sometimes not.

Note : This is written for beginners to adavnced. Advanced users please clean your image in the usual manner and do your own thing. :)

1. Open your image in your editing program.

2. Auto Tone

3. Auto Contrast

4. Auto Color - If you don't like the result of this step then skip it.

5. Image -> Double the size of your "original" image

6. Noise - Despeckle - run this filter twice.

7. Double the size of your image again - yes it looks terrible.

8. Filter ->Stylize->Diffuse->Anisotropic->click OK

9. Downsize the Image by half.

10. Sharpen details that have been lost as best you can. [highly recommend Topaz Detail]

11. Clean skies - remain on the soft side is safer. [highly recommend Topaz denoise]

12. Downsize the image once more so that…

Limited Time Promotion Floral Fine Art Print

Recent Art and Special Offers

Watch this blog for my latest art and special offers where you can find promotions offered at heavily discount prices but with the same high quality giclee printing. I also give away texture and design freebies, so if that's what you're into - check back.

Un Baiser Canvas Print
by Zeana Romanovna

Purchase a 24.00" x 20.00" stretched canvas print of Zeana Romanovna's Un Baiser for the promotional price of:


Click The Image To Go Straight To The Limited Promotion.
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Color Selection Made Easy - For Artist's and Graphic Designers

Ever had something you want to paint staring you in the face but you just cannot work out what color to paint it?
Do you have another image where you love the colors and tones and want to lay out your colors fast?
Here's a way to translate a tiny image into a color palette with either a vivid color selection, or a muted color selection.
I have this picture - a mixed media work but I want to paint another scene with oils, or on the computer, with the same colors.

The Image - Poppies from Heaven

Take a small image of your own. Please own the rights to it, don't go stealing art.
Go to this link and upload your image Color Hunter

Poppies From Heaven Produced Two Color Palette Selections



Many artists and designers spend a lot of time and effort to find the right colors for the work at hand, but sometimes the artistic muse lays quiet, and for those times, I hope color hunter will not only help you in your artistic efforts, but will also inspire you to try things you might not hav…

Featured Artist Vivian Anderson

This week I am presenting a well respected Australian artist, Vivian Anderson.

Vivian has a very diverse style in her art and yet for me it is her Abstract works that resonate with me on a deep level.

Vivian's specialties are paintings, drawings and photography, whilst at the very same time her life has encompassed the intense studies of violin, piano and literature.

An interesting and sometimes controversial woman, Vivian has a deep love of her family which encompasses raising pets, gardening and volunteer work.

In featuring Vivian Anderson's work I would like to add that if I had to say something about Vivian that draws me not only to her work, but also to her, it's that she lives life to the fullest.
Hers is what I would call a life worth living. She doesn't pull the punches; not in her artwork or her opinions, and she has an open honesty that is refreshing. Her artwork speaks for itself and gives an even greater insight into her dynamic world.

Vivian Anderson's Fi…

Fractals Fractals Fractals

I remember saying I would never do any fractal work again, but suddenly found myself wanting to dabble in the mathematical side of things. Whilst painting two commission works I had time to spare between layers of drying paint and this is how I spent that time. A couple are from way back, and I seemed to have changed a fair amount in presentation.

I still question whether fractals are fine art, but I think they look so enticing to so many people that part of me has to accept that they are starting to be accepted into the mainstream of fine art.

Isn't all art math? I think so.

All images are copyright all rights reserved - Zeana Romanovna - 2011
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