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Fractals Fractals Fractals

I remember saying I would never do any fractal work again, but suddenly found myself wanting to dabble in the mathematical side of things. Whilst painting two commission works I had time to spare between layers of drying paint and this is how I spent that time. A couple are from way back, and I seemed to have changed a fair amount in presentation.

I still question whether fractals are fine art, but I think they look so enticing to so many people that part of me has to accept that they are starting to be accepted into the mainstream of fine art.

Isn't all art math? I think so.

All images are copyright all rights reserved - Zeana Romanovna - 2011
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Flowers Flowers Flowers

But welcome, be it new or old, The gift which makes the day more bright, And paints, upon the ground of cold And darkness, warmth and light! Flowers in Winter John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892)
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