Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Color Selection Made Easy - For Artist's and Graphic Designers

Ever had something you want to paint staring you in the face but you just cannot work out what color to paint it?

Do you have another image where you love the colors and tones and want to lay out your colors fast?

Here's a way to translate a tiny image into a color palette with either a vivid color selection, or a muted color selection.

I have this picture - a mixed media work but I want to paint another scene with oils, or on the computer, with the same colors.

The Image - Poppies from Heaven

Take a small image of your own. Please own the rights to it, don't go stealing art.

Go to this link and upload your image Color Hunter

Poppies From Heaven Produced Two Color Palette Selections



Many artists and designers spend a lot of time and effort to find the right colors for the work at hand, but sometimes the artistic muse lays quiet, and for those times, I hope color hunter will not only help you in your artistic efforts, but will also inspire you to try things you might not have thought of.

Have fun Color Hunting!

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