Saturday, 9 July 2011

Emergency Image Enlargement

Many of us have received an email stating "Your file cannot be printed at the size requested by the customer as the image is degraded". Or words to that effect.

Can you get yourself out of this? Sometimes, and sometimes not.

Note : This is written for beginners to adavnced. Advanced users please clean your image in the usual manner and do your own thing. :)

1. Open your image in your editing program.

2. Auto Tone

3. Auto Contrast

4. Auto Color - If you don't like the result of this step then skip it.

5. Image -> Double the size of your "original" image

6. Noise - Despeckle - run this filter twice.

7. Double the size of your image again - yes it looks terrible.

8. Filter ->Stylize->Diffuse->Anisotropic->click OK

9. Downsize the Image by half.

10. Sharpen details that have been lost as best you can. [highly recommend Topaz Detail]

11. Clean skies - remain on the soft side is safer. [highly recommend Topaz denoise]

12. Downsize the image once more so that it is 1,000px larger than when you started. That means if you had an image that was 1900x1500px it will now be 2900x2500px

This method works far better on artwork on canvas or digital art, but in the hands of someone who practices a lot, this should help a lot of artists.

This is not to be used to upsize your images all the time as it does not produce great images, but most times a decent passable] print can come out of it - please be judicious and do not abuse a method to get bigger prints.

Result -:

Happy Creating!

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