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Free Textures For Commercial Use

A gift for my readers and fellow artists.

High quality print ready textures for use in your art projects. On some of the dark textures with scratches, try with the blending mode set to "difference" - it creates a very lovely effect.


What Is Art? But Is It Art?

What Is Art? But Is It Art?
Visit any art forum and at some time you will find rather extensive and sometimes often heated discussions on the subject of “what is art” or the more pointed “is it art”.
My opinion as to what constitutes art and “is it art” is rather simplistic for me the viewer, but not so simple for me the creator of a work.
As a viewer I immediately and seemingly innately know if a work I view is art or not.
What sets my criteria?
I’m unsure for the most part, but there are certain events that occur on a deep level when viewing a work that has the immediate effect of telling me “this is art”.
1. Emotional Impact.
2. Composition
3. Tonal Balance
4. Color
5. Technique Used
Notice how “Technique” came in last? I don’t really care how a work was created to make what I deem as good art but I do notice it after the other criteria have fulfilled my senses.
Almost all of the other criteria could be placed under “emotional impact”. All of us are affected by color, composition and tonal bal…