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Abstract Expressionism and Letting Go Of Hyper Realism

I am still struggling with letting go of the hyper-realistic style of art that I was taught and have spent hours upon hours trying to loosen up my way of expressing myself via my art.

For a long time I had no faith I could do this and thought I was "stuck" in a mode of "forever realism".

Not so, and whilst I may not always like the results, there is definitely a real change in my art work of late.

Some I have dabbled with fractals, and others are mixed media with oils and digital combined - which appears to be a style that is rather uniquely mine - for better or worse, I am unsure - and aren't we artists often unsure of ourselves? I am, and am not afraid to admit it - artistic growth is a difficult and often confusing path to walk, and yet it's a walk each of us must take.

I hope my readers like some of these new artworks - particularly the mixed media, although the others are a medium I have used before, the style is different.

The fight to emerge is ongoing…