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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Art - My Latest Offerings!

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Here we stand in the middle of this new world with our primitive brain, attuned to the simple cave life, with terrific forces at our disposal, which we are clever enough to release, but whose consequences we cannot comprehend. ~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams. ~William Butler Yeats

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How many people forget the faces of others they spend time with? How many people are into so much fun they forget they leave no lasting impression?

Now just drop over at the link below - pay me a visit and pick up a print for the ones you love this coming festive season!! :)

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Vue 10 Infinite - Worth The Upgrade?

[caption id="attachment_238" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Scene Is Copyright To Vue - Render is my own"][/caption]

For many years now I have been slowly learning Vue Infinite, but throughout that learning process I have felt very frustrated at the render times taking over every computer we have in the house. When it came to upgrading my Vue 9 Infinite to version 9.5 I passed by the upgrade and decided until Vue came up with a better renderer or solution that I was calling quits on upgrades.

Until Now.

Vue 10 Infinite and Vue 10 XStream came out with these promises -:

Flexible Rendering Options
The render control panel offers precise control over every single render parameter, giving you the flexibility you need to complete rendering on schedule without sacrificing quality.

360 degrees render
Choose between distributed ray traced or hybrid 2.5D motion blur, fine tune the level of traced reflections, super-sampling, soft shadows, blurred reflections, depth of field, caustics, etc.

Rendering can be performed in any viewport (including orthogonal views). Viewport rendering can be set to its own quality level, different from the main render settings. This lets you instantly switch between draft and production render qualities.

Panoramic and Spherical Rendering
Vue offers both standard and spherical panoramic rendering with an adjustable angle up to 360 degrees.

This is especially useful for creating and exporting environment HDR images and backgrounds.

Camera Aberrations
Because real-life camera lenses are built from optical glass elements (or other refractive materials), it is virtually impossible to create lenses that don't introduce some form of distortion.

For added realism, Vue is able to replicate real-life lens distortions such as barreling and pin cushioning.

The Vue stand-alone renderer saves you a considerable amount of time by rendering images in the background while you continue working on the scene. This is a perfect solution for any single-computer work situation. Since the stand-alone renderer doesn't need to carry the overhead of a visual interface, it is able to dedicate more memory to the rendering.

Batch Rendering Interface
Render jobs can be easily batched from within Vue using the Batch Rendering interface.

HyperVue™ and RenderCows
Vue provides distributed rendering over hybrid (PC/Mac) networks. Dispatching and managing render jobs is done via the HyperVue manager, which controls the RenderCow™ nodes.

Render nodes are automatically updated remotely, if required. In addition, e-on’s SmartCow™ technology lets you turn render nodes on and off while jobs are running.

Vue 10 Infinite ships with 5 RenderCows. You can add more RenderCows if required by purchasing additional RenderCow packs from our online store.

Interactive Network Rendering makes network rendering totally transparent!

When using this mode, rendering in Vue starts normally, without any delay. Then, while Vue is rendering, the Interactive Network Rendering controller silently contacts all the render nodes on your network and puts them to work on your scene. This happens in the background while your main computer continues rendering. As the other computers on your network start pitching in, the rendering accelerates, but you never have to suffer any waiting or slowdown!

Faster Rendering!
Thanks to dramatic changes in the structure of internal scene processing, typical render times are up to 30% faster!

Edge-Based Anti-Aliasing
A new edge-based anti-aliasing algorithm was added to complement the previous color-based anti-aliasing scheme. You can fine tune both anti-aliasing schemes using their respective Quality sliders, and you can also activate both of them independently.

Improved Render Area
Ever wished you could re-render only a small part of your scene and have a simple way of overlaying it on your original render?

If so, you will happily welcome the option that lets you save a render area as a full sized image, so that it can be easily overlayed in post.

When rendering an area in full size, the regions beyond the current render area will be filled in black and made transparent for easier overlaying/compositing.

Is This True? Is Rendering Improved?

If you are a lover of Vue Infinite or Xstream - run and get your copy! For the first time I seriously know that Vue has been truly updated. The render engine which Vue claims is 30% faster is more like 40% for me. I can almost cut the render times in half - not quite, but who is going to quibble over an hour or so?

Examples where each would have taken my computer - a windows 7 64bit with 8GB's of RAM - around and hour each to render at this quality - even at this small size.

Scene Is Copyright To Vue - Render is my own

Scene Is Copyright To Vue - Render is my own

Scene Is Copyright To Vue - Render is my own

I have no affiliations with Vue's Eon software company at the time of writing this and what I have stated is my own opinion and observations.

Prior to Vue 10 this image took me close on 24hrs to render, and I would hardly call it complicated.

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Vue 10 IS an upgrade!

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