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Artists I Love: Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was undoubtedly one of the most prolific artists ever with about 6000 paintings completed during the 60 years he was active as an artist. Born in Limoges, France on February 25, 1841 to LĂ©onard a tailor and Marguerite a seamstress, Renoir, the fourth of four children had a trouble free childhood growing up in Paris where the family had moved when the boy was aged four. Interestingly Renoir's first home in Paris was an apartment in the Louvre which was still a royal palace and his involvement with the arts came with the realisation he had a beautiful singing voice. Although the composer Gounod thought highly enough of him to arrange a musical education including a place in the chorus of the Paris Opera, Renoir decided music was not for him and at 13 accepted a position as an apprentice porcelain painter.

Renoir spent five years porcelain painting. His skillful work earnt a good income and the nick-name Mr Rubens. He was given the important job of painting pro…