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Rhonda Barrett : Featured Artist

Artist Rhonda Barrett lives in Pavilion,a small town in Western NY. She has been married to her high school sweetheart, Duane for 25 yrs and they have four sons together.

In her own words,

"She shoots straight up photography, no overlays or treatments to try to pretty it up. Her photographs are pretty great straight from the camera."

Autum Leaves!

Classic Black and White.

Beautiful skyline with silhouettes of the land.

Beautiful composition and stunning in tone and color. This is where Rhonda Barrett has outshone herself. I could eaily hang this on my own wall, but every artist I feature is making me poorer by the minute!

She also has tried her hand at digital art,fractal art,photo manipulation and most recently,kaleidoscopic art.

Green is beautiful!

Beautiful pink artwork!

Stunning Macro with the most gorgeous colors!

Digital art and photography - a Gerbera styled with Gimp into a "painting".

Fractal art - where an artist truly has to know "math".

You can visit …

Featured Artist : Holly Donohoe

Holly Donohoe was born in Ottawa, Canada and now lives, works, and plays in Gainesville, Florida. Her primary medium is acrylic on canvas, but mixed media and texture are her muse.

Employing strong elements of design and color, Holly is currently working on a series of dramatic florals that represent the vibrancy of Florida.

Her passion for world travel and the natural environment are reflected in her paintings as she is inspired and deeply moved by the cultures and vibrancy of the places she visits.

Holly's paintings are in collections throughout North America and she was named one of Gainesville's 'Most Interesting People' by INsite magazine in 2012.

Beautiful color selections by Holly Donohoe.

Graceful, sensual and yet tasteful. Like many artists today, Holly appears to create a fine art decorative appeal for her followers - I can easily see many of her works suiting different rooms within a home, or certain works being easily suited to businesses.

At work? I can certai…

Loretta Luglio : Featured Artist

Loretta Luglio is an extremely talented representational artist. Her works resonate with beautiful color, form, tone and composition.

Loretta says "I am a full time representational artist, executing most of my work primarily in but not limited to oil. I occasionally work in pastel and watercolor. My work is inspired by all that is around me. I prefer to paint scenes from every day life.

Art has always been a passion of mine. I knew from a very early age that art was going to be a strong influence in my life and that I wanted to know as much about art as I could possibly learn. I still strive to learn something new every day. After many years working in commercial art, making a living as a graphic artist for Lockheed Martin, I opened my art studio to the dedication of purely traditional art.

I work from photographs taken by me, acquired snapshots, client family photos and some life drawing. Often working in series, my work progresses through various themes so I always have a new ch…

Richard Rizzo : Featured Artist

Richard Rizzo opens his portfolio with his own words about why he creates his art and the feelings that arise within during the creative process.

Richard says, "'What I enjoy most about creating is my imagination running rampant, it frees my thoughts of being constrained to time and place' - Richard Rizzo"

Richard Rizzo's art is full of rich imaginative works which run from the totally sublime right through to classic works of art in his chosen mediums.

Richard Rizzo has been creating art for most of his life, his earliest years during the 1960's had the most impact on his imagination while living in the NYC area where he witnessed the art culture scene.

Primarily a self taught artist, Richard has worked in many mediums including painting and photography to name a few.

He has been self employed in the decorative arts as a muralist and faux finisher for more then 20 years in both NC and Florida working with many top designers and fellow artisans.

His interest in st…

Featured Artist Mel Steinhauer

Mel Steinhauer says in his own words : "My love for photography began as a boy when I was taught the basics by my father. During a tour of duty in Vietnam, I purchased a Nikon camera and dreamed of becoming a photographer. A family and career put that dream on hold, however I always enjoyed taking photographs. Several years ago, after surviving another kind of war with cancer, I began to really see the beauty in our world. Equipped with a new awareness of life and improved photographic vision, I am now able to find beautiful scenes almost everywhere."

Mel's words are very true, and his portfolio is complete with an abundance of imagery for my eyes to enjoy; until I post this :)

On State Road 135 just north of Nashville, somewhere between Indianapolis and Bloomington, I took another trip back in time. This covered bridge was built by Joseph Basley way back in 1880 and it is still in use today. A winding country road that crosses over a small creek takes you back to a small …