Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Beth Edwards British Impressionist : Featured Artist

Elizabeth Edwards, better know as Beth Edwards in the art world is not only a fine artist in her own right, but is the owner and administrator of 1st Angel Arts Magazine 1stAngel Arts Magazine. Beth is also quite famous for featuring other artists but is seldom featured herself - it's time that things changed and therefore I would like readers to see the works of Beth Edwards, rather than her working for others.

Beth is a British Impressionist Artist, whose work has been exhibited at the World Art Foundation California Expo2009 in Orange County. She also sells her works as affordable prints online, so be sure to click on the images and pay her a visit!

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Beth Edwards latest commission work - beautiful modern colors and excellent sense of reflections in the water.

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White on white? One of an artist's true test of courage, and an extremely beautiful outcome as you can see.

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Modern colors with a definite contemporary feel to this work, but one sure can hear the trawler chugging on the water.

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Major cuteness - a stunning horse portrait sure to impress many a horse lover!

Beth Edwards is no about to be outdone by new media arts and here below she displays her talents as an artistic photographer.

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Believe it or not, brushes are like diamonds to an artist!

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A little touch of "Hitchcock" drama!

Digital Art? Not a problem! Beth Edwards is not scared to venture into any medium!

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This looks very sci-fi to me - and certainly showcases the artists talents.

I would like to thank Ms Edwards for granting me permission to feature her works. It has been a great pleasure.

If you would like to peruse her entire gallery, please click the link below.

Elizabeth Edwards Fine Arts

All artwork is the original artwork of Elizabeth Edwards. All Rights Reserved. It is for sale, copyrighted to Elizabeth Edwards and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws.