Thursday, 16 February 2012

Featured Artist Gregory Scott

Gregory Scott became serious about photography is the early 70's when he did a lot of street photography in Chicago and in his church, Columbus, Ohio. Gregory owned a Nikormat with a F1.4 50mm lens.
Although financial issues kept him from photography for many years until 2003 when he purchased a Canon D60, and two Canon 550EX flashes and a100mm macro lens to capture his beautiful hummingbirds imagery. Soon after Gregory Scott purchased a 28-70 Canon lens for landscapes and a 100-400mm Canon t5.6 for wildlife.

In the words of the artist himself he says, " I've had the best results since 2003 with hummingbirds, and am beginning, after a long learning curve, beginning to achieve real satisfaction with my landscape photography."

Gregory Scott's photography is immensely beautiful and I often feel this is one artist who needs someone to tell him how good he is. Many of his bird shots and landscape images leave me breathless, and completely envious of his talent, so like the rest of you, I simply enjoy the journey of his imagery!

Gregory J Scott Photography

Beautiful Hummingbirds!

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This is a high speed flash photo of a blue throated hummingbird in flight. I am particularly fond of the pose, because of the strong graphic elements, and because it makes me think of a cloak, or perhaps a tutu.
Look at the wing and feather detail.

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Gregory says, "I'm not sure it is a female. I suppose it might be an immature, instead. I liked the classic "spread-eagle" pose on this one. Not that the talons are scary!" No, the talons aren't scary, but the way the bird holds it's body in flight is extremely interesting.

Humminbirds with Flowers.

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Beautiful complimentary colors of bird and flowers.

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A personal favorite of mine. This is a natural light photograph of an Annas Hummingbird.

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This is a composite image composed of a hummingbird, and a flower with background, combined digitally. Beautiful result with bird, flowers and color combinations.

Gregory Scott's Landscape Photography

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A famous iconic keyhole feature in lower antelope canyon.

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The view from Kaaterskill Falls on a foggy autumn day.

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Landscape of the mountains south of San Simeon. I must add I love this image!

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Sunrise on a foggy New England River in the fog.

Many of Gregory Scotts images are very tranquil with glorious tones. Please be sure and check out his portfolio. It's a feast I simply cannot do justice to.

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Thank you Gregory for granting me permission to feature you. The pleasure has been all mine.

All Images are all rights reserved and copyright to Gregory J Scott 2012. Any unauthroised use of these images will result in prosecution.