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Richard Rizzo : Featured Artist

Richard Rizzo opens his portfolio with his own words about why he creates his art and the feelings that arise within during the creative process.

Richard says, "'What I enjoy most about creating is my imagination running rampant, it frees my thoughts of being constrained to time and place' - Richard Rizzo"

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Richard Rizzo's art is full of rich imaginative works which run from the totally sublime right through to classic works of art in his chosen mediums.

Richard Rizzo has been creating art for most of his life, his earliest years during the 1960's had the most impact on his imagination while living in the NYC area where he witnessed the art culture scene.

Primarily a self taught artist, Richard has worked in many mediums including painting and photography to name a few.

He has been self employed in the decorative arts as a muralist and faux finisher for more then 20 years in both NC and Florida working with many top designers and fellow artisans.

His interest in styles vary but mostly he enjoys minimalist and modern art.

Today in his fifties, digital art has become Richard’s most creative outlet, here he has the ability to transform his most imaginative visions into reality using computer software applications such as Vue, Modo, SketchUp and Photoshop to name a few while constantly experimenting in different styles and techniques as he constantly looks toward the future.

Speaking from experience I can state categorically that the many programs listed above are far from easy to learn, and least of all to create a work worthy of a print.

Richard Rizzo, however, does just that, and does it within a class of his own.

Here are some of his works I hope you will enjoy perusing!

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"The Essence Of Life" Modeled in Modo, rendered in Vue, post processed in Photoshop"

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A digital abstract using the Neoplasticism style of shapes, lines, line weight and primary colors to achieve balance.

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A digitally created minimalistic piece. I remember being fascinated by chrome bearing knockers when I was young, the cherry red color was added for increased interest especially since I always liked cherries too.

I adore the cherries and need to buy more art - this is on my list!

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A contemporary look at steps from another perspective.

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What wonderful memories I have of the days I use to mountain climb, today I try to recreate those thoughts on a digital canvas. Cold Mountain captures the feel of the thawing mountains as the low clouds move between peaks.

To those who do not know the programs used by the artist to create such scenic beauty as above, they are as difficult to utilize as any oil painting or photograph, which is where I always stand in the grey area and say "I am interested in an end product; not in how an artist arrives there."

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A lost ship finds its way home.

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A runway race between a corvette and an A-4 Skyhawk, both of these beauties are from the same era.

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The alignment occurs once every millennium for an extraordinary event.

Truth or fiction?

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In his own words regarding the above work, Richard says "This is one I'm leaving open for interpretation. :-) 3D Digital Art"

It also happens to be another personal favorite.

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Photographed using 35mm Kodak High Speed Infrared film. (circa 1997)

Beautiful image with a touch of classy romance - that's my opinion, anyway.

My many thanks goes to Richard Rizzo for granting me permission to feature a mere fragment of his portfolio. With every artist I feature, I struggle with what works to show you - these artists are so talented and diverse, so the best I can do is show you images and creations that appeal to me. Like all things, art is subjective.

Please be sure and have an extra coffee and visit Richard's portfolio and I promise, you won't be disappointed.

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