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Wendy J St Christopher : Featured Artist

Wendy's quote on her website portfolio is very beautiful and at the same time very true to her art.

'If a little dreaming is dangerous, the
cure for it is not to dream less,
but to dream more ...
to dream ALL the time.
- Marcel Proust (1871-1922), French novelist

Her Reply is, "'My dreams are always in color.'
- Wendy J. St. Christopher, Artist

How true these words are for Wendy!

Nightwing is an abstract design, but I see a butterfly wing!

Stalker is another abstract work, but what draws me into this image is not only the fantastic color, but the triangular composition and form.

Look Through Any Window - But this isn't just any window, it's a window filled with color and an exhilarating sense of literally being pulled into the window!

Wendy describes this work as "A square, twin-view of the San Antonio Skyline, featuring the Hemisfair Tower of the Americas. From an original photograph taken in San Antonio, Texas."

I don't know why, but for some re…

Ernie Echols : Featured Artist

Ernie Echols, like other artists I feature, is also someone I greatly admire. His love of nature, humanity, family and his friends is beautiful, and this very beauty shines in his artwork. No one can fail to see the magnificent inner heart and soul of Ernie.

Red Macaw:
Photo of a Red Macaw eating a walnut.

Ernie Echols a fine artist who resides in the great state of Colorado. He is drawn in by the inspiration of the beautiful nature and scenery surrounding him.

Face Off - Ernie says "strange creation". I love it!

Ernie has found deep and devoted ways to express his talents through his inspirations. His talents are well defined in his wildlife and nature photography. He spends most of his free time searching for that special shot and his ability to get up close to wildlife enables him to capture unique photos. He always manages to capture the expressions and moods in the faces of wildlife.

East African Crowned Crane 4
East African Crowned Crane Upclose. Square Format.

Redtail Ha…

Angelina Vick : Featured Artist

The Distance:
The worst part of an argument with a the distance it creates. Inspired by Edward and Bella.

Angelina Vick works in Multimedia and focuses primarily on photography, painting and digital art. Her work is not only exciting to view, but is also unique in presentation - her own emotions frequently confront the viewer in an interesting and yet gentle way as shown by the featured image above and below.

Soul Mates - Angelina says"'I think that there is a perfect match for most people, but not everyone.. I met my match when I was 18 years old, and in every way...I can see he is exactly what I needed. When I think of soul mates....I think it's the person you cannot live without...the one other person who makes you better than what you would be without them. That person who sees you...really sees you for who are...and loves you for it... First Kiss, Soul Mates, Star Crossed Lovers and Entwined is a 4 part series."

Ballerina Lap:
"Ballet is so graceful, …

Featured Artist : David Lane

David Lane is one of the most interesting artists I have had the pleasure of meeting online. I say "meeting" as David is an artist one cannot help but notice. From me, that is a compliment.

I make no secret of the fact that going through many allergies with oil painting that my own world was literally turned upside down overnight, and it was only then that I had no option but to gain an insight into the digital art world.
Although my allergen was finally discovered and solved, I still retained the Digital Arts as a medium I had come to love. The computer does not produce art for a Digital Artist - and the artist works every bit as hard as the traditional artist - it is just different - but beautiful in its own right, and with David Lane's work I am about to show you how beautiful it can be.

David Lane, without knowing, was another artist who was and is a great inspiration to me. I like him. I like his art. I like his sense of adventure with his artistic ability. He&…

Featured Artist : Steven Richardson

Being artistic is Steven Richardson's God given talent. He has been drawing, and painting since he was a child. Photography provided his next pallet. His first big achievement was being selected as a photographer for his high school year book staff.

Since then Steven has produced images for the Lexington Chronicle, Lexington Life, Southern Skies, Contact, AOPA flight training, Windsock Productions, several newspapers, and multiple private clients.

The Color Of Fall - Steven Richardson

Purple Sunset - Steven Richardson

Steven still enjoys every shoot, and the challenges and learning experience they provide. In 2008 He made the switch to the digital SLR format, bought all new equipment and decided to start from scratch. With that said, he is now embarking on a new adventure to produce images that take on an artistic form. Images that are more than just a photograph.

Little Blue - Steven Richardson

Token Of Her Love - Steven Richardson

Steven's artistic photography is now artwork that i…