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Shana Rowe : Featured Artist

Shana says "Born and raised in Maine, I am a self taught artist and photographer and have been doing art since I was a young child. I work mostly in acrylics and watercolors when I paint, but dabble in a bit of oils too. I do a lot of landscape work but like to paint a little bit of everything, whatever strikes me at the time really."

"Right Hand Experiment" 11"x14" oil on stretched canvas
I did this painting entirely in my right hand. I am normally a lefty. I used painting knives and a fan brush. The only part done in my left hand was the signature."

I find it most interesting that Shana used an opposing hand to paint this image. If it's something you haven't tried - be adventurous and try it! I found it shut up the critical side of the brain - and I mean the nasty critique that all artists are aware of.

Not content only with her paints, Shana Rowe is involved in many different facets of art.

She says, "When it comes to photography it is …

Christi Kraft : Featured Artist

Christi Kraft is a fine art photographer from Madison, WI. A life-long camera carrier, she began seriously pursuing photography more than 10 years ago.

In college, she learned how to truly create photographic works of art, both in camera and in traditional and digital darkrooms.

How many of us never knew a cabbage patch could be so colorful?

The American flag and the flag of the state of Wisconsin blow in the breeze in front of the Wisconsin Capitol dome.

Close up of a bright yellow sunflower. Some tiny water droplets from the morning's rain are still visible.

I must admit I adore sunflowers and really love this beautiful sunny image!

Christi shows her skills here as an artistic photographer - her use of color theory and tone is excellent.

There is something about some photographers that manage to bring out the sensuality in their floral work, and in this area I find that Christi Kraft truly shines in her artistry.

Perspective anyone? This is it! The artists eye once again shows anoth…

Kevin Callahan : Featured Artist

Of the above painting Kevin Callahan says "Matisse's Odalisque in Red Culottes has long been one of my favorite paintings. I have always wanted to recreate it with my own model. One day my wife

(Karen) was laying on the couch and it struck me that she would make a wonderful Odalisque. I "borrowed" the striped couch and wallpaper from Matisse."

Not only this a masterful work, but it is also a beautiful tribute to Kevin's wife.

Kevin Callahan was reared on a small farm in Iowa and has been drawing and painting since he was five-years old. Not only a Master of paint, Kevin's portfolio now includes beautiful photography.

"After the rain I found this water filled leaf on my deck. I like the way the colors look through the water. It reminded me of the leaf clasps in the Lord of the Rings trilogy from Lothlorien."

Kevin explains the interesting origin of his shoes by saying "My son the fashion designer made these shows for me to wear to art opening…

Leslie Manley : Featured Artist

Leslie Manley was born and raised in West Virginia. She is a self taught artist and has created artwork all her life.

Beautiful watercolor art which is slightly different for Lesley as she usually loves to work with her acrylics.

Leslie Manley says "I am an animal lover so therefore I have been doing a lot of animal art work. I lot of items I do on furniture such as; tables, chairs, benches, etc."

A very engaging photograph!

"I also do calligraphy, pen and ink and have done some watercolors. Most of my work is done in acrylics."

An acrylic painting of a 1920's flapper girl portrait.

For cat lovers!!

Beautiful landscape photography.

Whimisical take on two Siamese cats - For all the cat lovers out there and especially the Siamese cat lovers.

I can taste this. Literally, my mouth is watering! Why do artist create such luscious food exactly where I can find it. Beautiful colors and tones in this work. Leslie Manley certainly has a way with her subject matter.

To complete …

Sean Griffin : Featured Artist

Sean Griffin is an award-winning American photographer living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States. His work has been recognized by The Smithsonian, the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, The Tacoma Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau and FineArt America.

A Bald Eagle ruffles its feathers to discourage the presence of an approaching photographer. A beautiful artwork of a Bald Eagle in all its glory!

Sean Griffin was born in the tiny northern California lumber town of McCloud, located on the slopes of Mount Shasta, but was raised mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area. He developed a passion for photography in 1974 when a friend lent him a 35mm SLR Pentax camera to take on a week-long bicycle tour of the California coast. During that journey (which also launched a 21-year career in journalism) he stopped at the Weston Gallery in Carmel-by-the-Sea, fell in love with Edward Weston's breathtaking photography, and resolved to learn how to use a camera to captur…