Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kevin Callahan : Featured Artist

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Of the above painting Kevin Callahan says "Matisse's Odalisque in Red Culottes has long been one of my favorite paintings. I have always wanted to recreate it with my own model. One day my wife

(Karen) was laying on the couch and it struck me that she would make a wonderful Odalisque. I "borrowed" the striped couch and wallpaper from Matisse."

Not only this a masterful work, but it is also a beautiful tribute to Kevin's wife.

Kevin Callahan was reared on a small farm in Iowa and has been drawing and painting since he was five-years old. Not only a Master of paint, Kevin's portfolio now includes beautiful photography.

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"After the rain I found this water filled leaf on my deck. I like the way the colors look through the water. It reminded me of the leaf clasps in the Lord of the Rings trilogy from Lothlorien."

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Kevin explains the interesting origin of his shoes by saying "My son the fashion designer made these shows for me to wear to art openings. I have worn them three times now. The latest was for his

fashion show in NYC February 2012. BCalla presented the Lazy Hunter collection."

Fit for any artist!

Kevin Callahan philosophy is simple, "Composition, Story, Elegant Line." 'If you find the elegant line, your work will be lyrical.'

"I produce works in acrylic, watercolor and digital photo format. I also conduct artist-in-residence programs for young people. I completed a Painting Intensive at the San Francisco Art Institute,

studying with world renown Israeli artist Larry Abramson and at at the Ox-Bow School of the Art Institute Chicago under Phil Hanson and Michelle Grabner."

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The Great Basin in Utah.

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Kevin says, "earned my BFA from Drake University in Des Moines, IA. My studies included an emphasis in painting and printmaking. My work is hanging in private collections throughout the United

States and Europe. In 2009 I received the Tony Award, a traveling art award honoring individual artists on Fine Art America."

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I love the sense of movement and happiness in Delta Deutschland Blues!

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Kevin truly puts the life and melody into his blues paintings. One can almost hear the lyrical melodies and foot tapping.

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Kevin says "This was painted "live" at OxBow in Michigan in 2006. I did several paintings based on what I was seeing from where my easel sat. We jokingly refer to these as the Agoraphobic Paintings."
I like the form in these paintings. The shadow in the wall shows Kevin's mastery of color theory.

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I like the manner in which Kevin has painted this beautiful woman. Her entire pose is captured without a show of great emotion, and yet the emotion seems almost with-held. Very captivating art!

To complete this feature, I leave my readers with one final work, and anyone who knows what my past studies consisted of will know why I chose this work.

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This painting is not a reproduction of Rembrandt's painting, but rather of Kevin Callahan, the artist himself as Rembrandt. It has a modern twist on a theme of Rembrandt's own self portrait - and is a very interesting work and beautiful dedication.

Featuring the work of Kevin Callahan has been a wonderful pleasure for me, and I suggest that anyone who has not spent some time in his portfolio grabs a cup of coffee, put on some blues music, and enjoy the ride.

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I hope that each of you is enjoying a wonderful start to your day with lots of sunshine.

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