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Barbara Barber : Featured Artist

Barbara Barber : Featured Artist

Barbara says in her own words, "I paint under my maiden name, and have most of my painting life. Now my last name is Barber, these are my paintings. I will continue to sign Clements, as to honor my father, who loved my art and encouraged me to paint. He himself was a poet, and a little like Vincent Van Gogh, in soul. My father gave me the artist view of life."

What a beautiful tribute from daughter to father!

"Down the Jersey Shore at Cape May the streets are lined with wonderful and charming Victorian houses. Lovely to walk and travel back in time in this wonderful seaside resort."

Ms Barba goes on to say of her life, "My family originally is from Long Island. So beautiful, the landscapes of the east, but now, we live in Arizona and love the landscape out here as well. Fact is, natural beauty is everywhere. The earth is lovely."

Few would disagree that indeed the earth is lovely, and is most certainly an artist's playgroun…

Viktor Savchenko : Featured Artist

Viktor Savchenko : Featured Artist

Welcome to the artwork of Viktor Savchenko!

Viktor Savchenko is visual artist,photographer resides in Southern California.
His artworks and commissions are found in private collections across the US and worldwide.

Excellent portrait of a Rooster.

Viktor has a wonderful imagination and his portfolio is filled with magnificent imagery.

There is something so pure in a white rose!

A sunset I certainly adore as one of my personal favorites in Viktor's collection. The colors and tones are ethereal.

I doubt there are many people who could fail to admire the captured sense of movement and beautiful colors - colors which are so luscious they seem to be a raw talent for Viktor to bring out in his art.

The sound of silence can be deafening - except when it is visual and the viewer can sit back and enjoy the experience.

Las Vegas - The Roman Vase!

Viktor says of this work, "In 2007 I was attending art show at Marriott, Fullerton,Ca. I was very impressed with art…

Donna Van Vlack : Featured Artist

Donna was born in California but hasspent most of her life in Tucson, Arizona. She is a self-taught photographer with a naturalist style.

Now that her children are grown, Donna Van Vlack and her husband Scott are embracing the things they are most passionate about, such as traveling and the outdoors.

She spends a lot of time volunteering to preserve her heritage and outdoor way of life.

Donna uses photography as a means of self expression. She takes photographs for herself, which helps her better see the world around her. Donna's inspiration comes from her love for her husband and her love of the outdoors.

I love images of architechture that are clear and detailed.

This beautiful horse really does look painted. I don't mean the photograph, but the actual horse Donna captured :)

Donna's portfolio consists of landscapes, wildlife, trees, signs, old cars, black and white photos, historic old home and barns, sky and waterscapes, cactus, rock formations, digital photo art, high d…

Nadya Ost : Featured Artist

Nadya says of her work, "I have always had a passion for photography. It all started when as a kid I used to watch my parents developing black and white films from our family vacations in a home made dark room in the kitchen (years ago, back in the USSR where I was born), and this interest grew ever since."

Forests can be truly magical!

A Lemur with a twinkle in the eye.

What a beautiful title for this artistic photographic work.

Nadya Ost goes on to say, "Photography for me is a means to capture the beauty and the details in the world, the way I see them, and share them with everyone else."

Nadya certainly sees detail!

Once again her love for detail is very evident with a beautiful composition of water and the leaves of Fall.

It's in the eyes.

The beauty of water photography.

A landscape of a fallen red pine tree on the slope of the Carmel mountain.

And to complete this feature of the work of Nadya Ost, I leave readers with a very beautiful landscape image.

Many landscap…

Leana De Villiers : Featured Artist

Leana says "I am a self-taught emerging and aspiring artist, as well as an avid amateur photographer, from the beautiful vicinity of Cape Town in South Africa. Painting under the pseudonym of ‘Mow’, a nickname given to me due to my love for cats."

I think the above image describes Leana far better than any words can! Cute!

"Art has become an integral part of my life as well as the person I am today."

There is a beauty in simplicity, but it is seldom as easy as it appears. The cherries for instance - note their glow and highlights with the bloom of the fruit added. That is what is called "technique"!

Leana De Villiers seems to paint with an immediacy that always makes her artwork seem alive!

Red is a powerful color, and I am not speaking of impact and tone, but rather the feelings it conjures up in a viewer. I really like this work as it shows a woman with an assertiveness to wear red, and yet the wings denote her more tender and gentle side.

Leana goes on…