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Featured Artist : Franziskus Pfleghart

Franziskus Pfleghart is one of the most brilliant emerging digital artists I have yet to meet and today I am very pleased to show you some of his work.

Dr. Raul M. Oyuela, Director, Museum of the Americas says about Franziskus' work : "
In everyone there is an interior place, a secret space where creativity
throbs like a mysterious heart, creating wonderful parallel realities for our
life. This creativity allows each one to live that magic side of his
existence in the most desired inner freedom and the most enjoyable
gratification. To enable this to come about in a manner that satisfies our needs, we
must listen to the beats of this impalpable heart and go along with the
seduction that we feel coming from it. In this way, what is inside us is soon
shown to the world around us and is realized in the infinite transformations
of our life and in the tangible results of our actions.

This mysterious intimate creative space finds its broadest and highest
dimension in the vocation (in t…

Featured Artist Mel Steinhauer

Mel Steinhauer says in his own words : "My love for photography began as a boy when I was taught the basics by my father. During a tour of duty in Vietnam, I purchased a Nikon camera and dreamed of becoming a photographer. A family and career put that dream on hold, however I always enjoyed taking photographs. Several years ago, after surviving another kind of war with cancer, I began to really see the beauty in our world. Equipped with a new awareness of life and improved photographic vision, I am now able to find beautiful scenes almost everywhere."

Mel's words are very true, and his portfolio is complete with an abundance of imagery for my eyes to enjoy; until I post this :)

On State Road 135 just north of Nashville, somewhere between Indianapolis and Bloomington, I took another trip back in time. This covered bridge was built by Joseph Basley way back in 1880 and it is still in use today. A winding country road that crosses over a small creek takes you back to a small …