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Featured Artist Mel Steinhauer

Mel Steinhauer says in his own words : "My love for photography began as a boy when I was taught the basics by my father. During a tour of duty in Vietnam, I purchased a Nikon camera and dreamed of becoming a photographer. A family and career put that dream on hold, however I always enjoyed taking photographs. Several years ago, after surviving another kind of war with cancer, I began to really see the beauty in our world. Equipped with a new awareness of life and improved photographic vision, I am now able to find beautiful scenes almost everywhere."

Mel's words are very true, and his portfolio is complete with an abundance of imagery for my eyes to enjoy; until I post this :)

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On State Road 135 just north of Nashville, somewhere between Indianapolis and Bloomington, I took another trip back in time. This covered bridge was built by Joseph Basley way back in 1880 and it is still in use today. A winding country road that crosses over a small creek takes you back to a small town with the same name. Here is where "The Father of Bluegrass " country music legend Bill Monroe once called home. One early winter afternoon on my way to a big city, I decided to go a few extra miles just to stop and capture the beauty of the old Bean Blossom Bridge.

Personally, I find the image to be very romantic and am unsure as to why.

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Cades Cove is a peaceful valley nestled between the Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. In the early 1800s, European immigrants came here to settle down and co-exist with native Cherokee Indians. They called this cove Tsiyahi, or the place of the river otter. Elk, bison and many other wildlife were abundant here as well. A convenient driving tour now takes you to several well preserved homes and churches. This beautiful pathway will lead you into the home of the Oliver family, for long ago they built themselves "A Smoky Mountain Cabin."

I could easily spend a day here!

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Kentucky is famous for many more things than just the world's best thoroughbred horses and fried chicken. For over 200 years, Kentucky's distilleries have produced the world's finest bourbons. In the region just west of Lexington, highly-skilled craftsman have been passing on their secret recipes and processes from one generation to the next. Here you will find the makers of Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Maker's Mark, Four Roses, Heaven Hill and Woodford Reserve. The bourbons at Woodford Reserve are triple-distilled in these beautiful copper pots and then carefully aged in charred oak barrels for years. Open to the public for educational tours, tastings and unique gifts, traveling along The Bourbon Trail is a very enjoyable experience. Here you will find proof that the makers of the world's best bourbons are ... Still In Kentucky.

Glorious, sumptuous color!

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What is it about pathways that intrigue we humans? Is it a quest to find out where they lead? I don't know the answer, but I am enjoying this wonderful image with such living color.

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In a peaceful valley of the Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee, is an area known as Cade's Cove. Settled by early pioneers who learned to live off the land and build what was needed to survive. In the 1870's, John Cable built this small grist mill, to grind grain into cornmeal and wheat into flour. A mill flume diverted water from a nearby stream, to turn the wheel and a series of gears which caused the millstone to rotate. Today, tourists can watch history still working at the Cable Grist Mill!

I can see this image as a print on a wall in a study, or somewhere someone wishes to spend time in peaceful thought and meditation.

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One of the most photographed locations in Glacier National Park can be found near the East Entrance and the beginning of the Going To The Sun Road. A tiny island on St. Mary's Lake where legend says a beautiful Indian maiden met a handsome warrior from an opposing tribe. Their love was forbidden and could not be, so they met in secret one night on the island. The Great Spirit heard their prayers and transformed them into geese, who naturally mate for life. Here, their love endured and they lived happily ever after on Wild Goose Island.

Divine imagery!

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A trip to Dublin required a brief visit to St. Patrick's, the National Cathedral of Ireland. Built in the early 13th century, the faithful have worshipped here for over 800 years. On a cloudy and rainy day, scenes inside were much more colorful and appealing. The first Knight was installed on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, 1783. Each Knight would give his banner, a symbolic helmet and sword, to the Cathedral. They were placed above his seat in the choir, where they still remain today, for all to see and to honor the Knights Of St. Patrick's.

For anyone who has stood amongst such excellent architcxture such as this, they will know the meaning of the words "I feel so small". If you have never experienced this, it's very worthwhile. Mel's interpretative imagery brings to viewers a definite feeling of "being there".

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Just before Christmas in 1968, my unit visited an orphanage in Saigon, on a different kind of mission. There I enjoyed the pleasure of having some time with these wonderful young girls. I was only 19 and had much to learn about everything, so they taught me a few words and how to count in their language. But then I learned so much more than that. Born into a country already at war long before my arrival, they were just innocent victims sharing a common bond. They all dreamed that one day their missing family members would return to them somehow. They all wished that everyone they knew could live without the fears and dangers of war. They all just wanted to play games, have fun and live in peace. I also wanted that for them, these wonderful Children Of Hope.

There is beauty that we see and beauty that we feel, and or see. In this image I have indulged the more emotive side of my own personality to share the beauty of Mel Steinhauer's Artistic Photography.

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The tip of northern Kentucky consists of many different small communities. These friendly little cities are connected to each other along the famous old " Highway To Dixie " that runs North to South through Covington, Park Hills, Ft. Wright, Ft. Mitchell, Lakeside Park, Crestview Hills, Edgewood, Erlanger, Elsmere and Florence, just to name a few. When you leave the boundaries of one, you immediately enter into the next community. During emergencies or other times of need, they often rely on help from a nearby friend. At the Ft. Wright Fire Station their simple motto is " Neighbors Helping Neighbors " and the men and women who work here are always Ready To Roll.

Are you ready to roll?

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Tall buildings in big cities often provide dramatic views of the surrounding area. Cincinnati's tallest building, the Carew Tower is no exception. Built in 1929, it's still a grand old building and became a National Historic Landmark in 1994. At a height of 574 feet, the 49th floor observation deck is open to the public for a small fee. From way up here you can see for miles off in the distance, or you can look down on the much shorter buildings nearby. It was very interesting indeed, to see the old within the new, when I saw these beautiful Tower Reflections.

Mel Steinhauer is certainly and extremely diverse artist and it has been by honor to feature him with all my thanks!

Please visit Mel Steinhauer's Portfolio and enjoy the ride! Click his name - Mel Steinhauer Scenes From Far And Near

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