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Arlene Carmel Featured Artist

Arlene Carmel says of her artwork, "Photography has always been a passion of mine from the time I first looked through a view finder when I was ten years old. Through my work I will share my visual experiences with others as art captured in a photograph. I reproduce the image, providing the viewer with photographic art that conveys a message, a story, or just the sheer beauty of an object or scene. There is no magic to my work, no manipulation save for a few digitally enhanced images. The main body of my work is the original capture with or without some minor correction. What I hope to share with those who view and purchase my work is the world as I see it, beauty, flaws and all."

What a beautiful outlook Arlene has on her work!

I love doors!!

Ummm, this could get tempting.

Beautiful hydrandgeas.

Sailing, anyone?

Sunny Sunflowers!

What a splendid macro and excellent perspective!

Gorgeous green hills.

Beach days naturally framed.

As always, a favorite I find of my own!

Please visit Arle…

Barbara Griffin Featured Artist

Barbara Griffin says, "I try to create something every day either on canvas, paper, fabric or the computer screen. I use my photographs of landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and vintage photos, which I like to call 'Snippets of time', as inspiration for my original paintings. Many original paintings are available for sale by contacting me directly by email. All my work is available as canvas prints, paper stock prints, acrylic prints or greeting cards. You can pick a mat and frame for your purchase or have it shipped without one. The large greeting cards are 5'x7' and can have a personalized message on the inside. They can be purchased as a single card, in packs of 10 or packs of 25 which have reduced prices."

Here are some of her works on offer.

A personal favorite of mine -:

Visit Barbara Griffin by clicking her name below -:

Barbara Griffin Fine Art

Have fun!
Zeana Romanovna

Lara Ellis : Featured Artist

"One of Lara's photos was Recently published in the 2011 Farmers & Merchant's Bank Callendar. Other photo achievements include 1st place winner of the 2007 Chincoteague Bay Trail's End Photo Contest and Second Place winner & an honorable mention in the 2006 Shenandoah Audubon Photo Contest."

"Lara makes her home in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley with her husband where she has been photographing nature scenes for the past 18 years. Most of her photos are shot near her home in the Blue Ridge, the Virginia shore on or near Assateague Island and also on the Oregon Coast where she spent a great deal of her childhood. "

"Her photos often capture the smallest details in nature that are frequently overlooked by most of us as we go about our busy days. She hopes that her work inspires others to slow down, take a few deep breaths and really see the beauty that is all around us every day.

She is always amazed at how the sam…

Frank Wilson : Featured Artist

The art of Frank Wilson is dauntingly beautiful, and sure to impress any serious connoisseur of art as well as those who love to see magnificent art!  Don't we all?

Franks says of his art, "A full time professional artist since 1971, Frank's formal art education took place at the School of Practical Art and the Art Institute of Boston where he majored in Editorial Illustration and minored in Photography. He continued his fine art education with further studies under Marko Lolo Marchi and Steven Yankopolis. Over the years, the artist has won many awards for his paintings and sculptures. In February 2010 he was awarded First Place and an Honorable Mention for two entries in the Turner Colour Works of Japan International Gouache Painting Competition. In September of 2005 he was awarded by the City of Chico California, the COBA (Chico Outdoor Board Art) Peoples Choice Award and a commission for a large outdoor mural. Twice, by invitation, he exhibited in the New York State Mu…

Greg DeBeck : Featured Artist

Greg DeBeck's photography makes me feel as if I have been transported to another place in time where all I see is beauty.

Greg DeBeck says, "I have always been interested in photography, and have really been devoting a lot of time to learning different techniques and styles in the last few years. Never had any formal training, but I do read a lot on the subject and try to put what I learn from books and other photographers into practice. I live on the mid-coast of Maine, in Blue Hill, just an hour from Acadia National Park, where there are endless photographic opportunities. In fact the whole state of Maine is just a photograph waiting to be captured."

Simply viewing Greg's work is testament to what he says.

Lastly, an image the brought me to the end of a wonderful journey.

Greg DeBeck's portfolio is a must see. Please visit him!!

Greg DeBeck Photography

Until next week!
Romanovna Fine Art

Cricket Hackmann : Featured Artist

Cricket Hackmann says of herself, "As a Missouri farm wife and mother-of-two, my love of photography began with documenting my children's days...and has expanded to become a means of holding on to a piece of all the beauty that surrounds us. Most of my photographs are rural landscapes or close-ups of nature in our area with occasional other subjects added in as they catch my eye.

I have so much to learn about this art -- but the journey is so satisfying!"


This is mine :)

Finally, one I simply feel and hope you do, too.

Please visit Cricket Hackmann at the link below to fully appreciate a woman who shows her love of life in her art.

Cricket Hackmann Photography

Enjoy your visit!
Zeana Romanovna