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Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo Featured Artist

Angela says, "I am an American/Mauritiun Artist who speaks english, french, creole, and hindi also known as Pari D. Chumroo.

A few of my artworks are titled in French or Hindi Language.

I am a Native American originated from the cold state of Michigan in the USA. I reside on the tropical island of Mauritius.

Art to me is the bold reality of life. In every way it defines me in, every way it allows me to express myself and see the world as God shows me it."

Angela goes on to say, "When I am being expressive I am chasing rainbows and stealing colors so I can paint that pot of gold'© Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo

I credit my grandmother Marie Elizabeth Curtice for inheriting my art talent. I find encouragement through God, my children, husband, and mother who are my biggest benefactors.

I have art pieces in America and in Mauritius. In my grandmothers left hand lies my first painting. I also acquired the use of my left hand from her. Although it does not stop with just that h…

Megan Dirsa-DuBois Featured Artist

Megan says of herself, "I served 25 years in the US Army (active duty and Massachusetts Army National Guard) I've been a writer, editor and photographer. I've published both fiction and non-fiction, articles, short stories, poetry, science-fiction, horror etc. For five plus years I wrote a monthly erotica-column which was published throughout all of New England (to include southern NY). My pen-name is Mustang Sally. My work has been published in Secret Magazine, and other fiction/non-fiction, non-kink venues. Also, former Associate Editor of Prometheus Magazine, The Eulenspiegel Society, former Editor of the Auburn, MA newspaper, published in Army Times Newspaper, Soldiers Magazine & National Guard Association Magazine, not to mention a handful of small press publications most of which were hard-copy print publications before the internet changed life as we now know it. I have won four Journalism and Photography Awards although they are covered in dust."

Megan goe…

Anne Klar Featured Artist

ARTIST Anne Klar's Vibrant Imagination Coupled With The Ingenuity Of Her Two Hands Come Together To Create 3D Works Of Art That Reach Out Off The Canvas And Touch The Heart.

Anne Klar is also a photographer and she explores the aquatic world of lilies.

From Anne Klar's portfolio is my favorite from within her most interesting and unique portfolio.

I truly felt this beautiful image - the way it feels to be the woman standing and looking, listening. Very emotive work!

If you don't visit Anne's portfolio you will surely miss out - no small images do the scultural effects of her work any justice at all. Click her name below!

Anne Klar Fine Art

Anne can also be found at her private website -:

Anne Klar Website

I hope all of you are enjoying the artists being featured as much as I am.

Zeana Romanovna
Contact -:

Dale Ford Featured Artist

Dale Ford says of her artwork, "With the exception of the gallery containing Digital Drawings & Paintings, all of the images on this site began as photographs. My purpose, however, is not to present the camera's view of the world, but, rather, my own creative vision. At times, the camera and I are in closer agreement as to what we see than at others. An exact, literal, external representation of each subject is of less interest to me than is capturing its 'inner light'. Toward that end, I employ computerized filters and effects to create images intended to express the subject as I experienced it, rather than as viewed by the camera's eye."

I think that when you see her works you cannot fail to see what she means. Dale Ford has a wonderful sense of color, tonal balance and imagination.

Almost like silver!

Pure magic.

Impressionable reflections!

Colors to soothe.

Dale Ford says about her beginnings into the art world, "In my younger days, I enjoyed drawing…

Douglas Wilks Photography : Featured Artist

Chess anyone?

Douglas Wilks says, "I am a professional photographer who has been active with photography since the age of 13, when I was given my first camera (a Kodak brownie that used c620 film). My education and training around photography for the last 35 years has been through varied resources; high school photo club, reading books, subscribing to several photography magazines; Modern Photography, Outdoor Photography, Shutterbug, viewing other art forms and styles, talking with local and national professional photographers, and taking thousands of images."

Magical Fall!

Douglas goes on to say, "My photography is created using a digital SLR and minimal processing. The images vary from landscapes, flowers, still life, and clouds. I also have an active blog here on FAA, giving information on my sales, Limited Time Prints, and also photography tips/suggestions. I have photographed events, and news for local newspapers and non-profit oraganizations in Sanders County, Monta…