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Ken Walters Featured Artist - A Must Read

Ken Walters Fine Art

Ken Walter's story is not only emotionally touching, it is also an inspiration for anyone who cares to read how he came to be an artist. It made me think of all the people that want to be artists and procrastinate about the tiniest of things and yet there are people like Ken who's art is a product of endurance against life's difficulties.

In Ken's own words he says,"I started creating contemporary abstract digital art 7 years ago following a minor stroke. It originally started as a way to communicate with the nurses and doctors, as I couldn't speak well."

"I've been compelled to continue with the art by some inner urge, and enjoy creating in my own style. Most of my work is organic in nature, it's based on the cells and energies in our bodies, biology, and my interest in astronomy. Add to that, my mood memories and daily influences also end up as art."

"I'm 55, physically disabled, have cfs and hard of hearing.…

Kim Henderson Featured Artist

Kim Henderson Fine Art

Kim Henderson says, " I am an East Texas Photographer, I chase butterflies and reenactors. I seek out the beauty in Texas, primarily East Texas. The majority of my work is processed in Lightroom and Photoshop using textures."

Kim goes on to say, "I do not post straight out of the camera images, my goal is to capture the beauty I see in nature and process it to better present an artistic flare. I also shoot reenactments and reenactors and my goal is to edit those images giving an aged look to make it as primitive as possible."

Her work certainly does have a beautiful old world charm to much of it, and that is something I have always found very beautiful in an artistic photographers work. It is as if photography is the tool to create the fine art end product.

This final image really draws me into the action that Kim has captured.

If you would like to see more of Kim's beautiful artwork, please click the link below.

Kim Henderson Fine Art

And now …

Donna Proctor Featured Artist

Donna Proctor says, "I am a fine art painter who also loves to shoot photography of wild life, nature and sometimes 'things!"


"My work is of the moment. What it was yesterday, what it is today and what it will be tomorrow is just a marker en-route to artistic self-expression. Personal expression is a life-long journey of joy, doubt, disappointment, celebration and challenges."

Beautiful attention to detail and tonal balance!

"With each new painting artists always feel like they could have done more, could have done it better but that's what drives us forward and lifts us to higher levels and, the best we can do is just leave behind our own personal signatures along the way."

As I was perusing Donna's portfolio this beautiful image simply stood out and I fell in love - everything was perfect for me.

Please take the time out to visit Donna's work - it is a portfolio of works not to be missed!!

Donna Proctor Fine Art Studio

The weekend is …

Nikki Marie Smith Featured Artist

Nikki Marie Smith says "I am an artist, a mother, and an entrepreneur. I am following my passions and creating art that I love for the sheer joy of it! I hope it resonates with you as well."

"I discovered Wee Planets as an art form several years ago and fell in love. It is a way of viewing a rural or urban scene as a mini world unto itself, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and unexpected. You can imagine yourself exploring a whole new planet with no rules except those you write yourself.

Escape. Dream. Believe."

To see more of Nikki Marie Smith's artwork please click the link below.

A favorite? No. I am no longer pressuring myself to select a favorite. It's too hard!!

Nikki Marie Smith Fine Art


Zeana Romanovna

Deborah Hughes Featured Artist

Deborah Hughes says, "To say that Photography is my passion would be an understatement. Passion drives us in the direction that we know is right in our hearts. To have the opportunity to pursue that passion is a gift that I treasure. After 28 years of striving to build an Accounting practice, struggling through the recent economic shifts, I decided to make a change in my life and bring out something in me that I had pushed aside for so many years, photography!"

Now he is smart!

Deborah goes on to say, "As a realist, my photography will be direct, clear. I am always trying to capture that WOW moment, that moment when it doesn’t matter what just happened or what will happen after the shot, it matters in that nanosecond point in time. I photograph life on the Gulf Coast."

Why did I ever place myself in a position of having a favorite image per artist? It isn't an easy place to put myself, and yet I did it, and now feel I have to live up to being able to do it, but t…