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Natalie Holland Featured Artist

Natalie says, "I don't conform to any style or genre. I'm free as a bird and fly where I please. My creativity would suffer, if I only flew in one direction. Free, free, free is my motto.' ~ Natalie Holland"

"Being an artist is a great adventure. I love to paint and experiment in different mediums because each offers a unique quality."

"As a self-taught artist, I learned to paint my own way. Self-expression is very important to me regardless of medium. I often break rules and don't confine myself in any type or technique. If I were to restrict myself to any one type, subject or technique I would kill the creative fire that motivates me."

It is very hard to select a favorite, but for me it is this beauty.

For me, this work has everything within - the entire color choices and composition work together to bring about a sense of completion.

To see more of Natalie's work please click below!

Natalie Holland Art

Have a most enjoyable weekend, my rea…

KM Corcoran Featured Artist

I have no biography on KM Corcoran, so the images will have to suffice, but I doubt you will be disappointed.

Camera Motion

Reverse Lens


Colored Pencil Effect

My Favorite? Apart from the first one I featured is this beauty-:

There is something apocolptic like in this image, whether intended or not, but I like it.

To see more of KM's work please click the link below!

KM Cocoran Fine Art Photography

Happy Thanksgiving!

Zeana Romanovna

Marilyn Smith Featured Artist

Marilyn, a most talented artist says "I am currently residing in Arizona and have previously exhibited in galleries in Arizona and Wisconsin. Having lived in both states, it has given me very diverse subject matter as is evident in the variety of art pieces I have posted here." "

"I also have appeared in several art shows in both states and received various awards, including the Wisconsin Regional Art Show Travelling Exhibit Award for my watercolor 'Spring In Tlaquepaque'. While working for the Dean Medical Center in Madison, WI, I completed several commission pieces to be displayed in their clinics ('Comin' Home', 'The Catch', 'Little Mill', and Christine's Ride'). I also created their employee birthday card for several years in a row."

Magnificent artistry!

"During the June 6-12, 2011, I was honored to receive a Best of Show Award while being featured on the Copper Flame Virtual Gallery."

Looking at Marilyn S…

Sarah and Jeff Normandeau Featured Photographers

Their story and magnificent imagery!

"As wildlife enthusiasts both Jeff and Sarah spend most of their free time outdoors in nature photographing wildlife. Nature is a place to connect to your own spirituality, inner self, find balance, and to marvel at all of the miracles that Mother Earth has to offer us. As people who respect and love wildlife Jeff and Sarah live by the motto 'Take nothing but pictures...Leave nothing but footprints...Kill nothing but time."

"Each photographic journey is an adventure as you never know what you'll find. All photos for sale of wild animals were taken out in their natural environment/habitat. Jeff and Sarah do not believe in using bait or any other unnatural means of luring in animals. All wild animals were taken ethically, with a whole lot of patience and love."

Adorable? I think so!

"Jeff and Sarah are strict vegetarians, believe in helping the environment, and are owned by two black cats-Jelly Bean and Echo who were re…

Xn Tyler Featured Artist

To visit Xn, please click the link below!

Xn Tyler

Have a happy weekend and to those of you who have been subjected to the recent hurricane, please be as safe as possible. My heart goes out to you all.

As a sideline, I am often asked about my own artistic journey - apart from being an artist who adores selling her art on Fine Art America, I also now enjoy putting some of my art on other products on Zazzle.

Here's a little teaser!

Romanovna Fine Art Prints

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