Friday, 4 January 2013

Mike Savad Featured Artist

Mike Savad says, "My name is Mike Savad, I create one of a kind creations. Photo realistic is what people think of first. There are many themes, flowers, porches, and local Suburban Scenes, some city, some urban. I also have many Job inspired images that cover a quite a range. If your looking for a gift for your Pharmacist, Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Barber, Gardner, Fireman etc, there should be something there for you. These will look very nice hanging on your wall, or in a waiting room, even a hotel room. My art is inspired by Norman Rockwell and Paintings from the time of the Renaissance."

What he states is very true, and once again I cannot select a favorite work because Mike's work totally appeals to my senses in every respect.

His work can also be found on and the link is listed at the bottom of this post.

Mike Savad At Zazzle

Mike Savad Fine Art America Prints

Please visit his works on both sites as they truly are beautiful to see - Mike is extraordinarily talented.

Until next week,
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