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Helen Duley Featured Artist

Helens work is beautiful in every sense of the word.

She says, "My series of numinous reflections upon black swans are fountain pen drawings on paper.

The pens used are modern and antique including old Mabie & Todd Swan and Vintage Japanese pens. The multi-coloured inks are of archival quality American Noodlers and Japanese ˜Sailor."

She goes on to say of her techniques,"The watercolours are Maries transparent Chinese watercolours. And much transparent Japanese tissue paper was used in the collaging process.

The paper is Australian highest quality Blue Lake watercolour paper handmade in Mt Gambier by Maurice Wilson. These drawings are my dreamings of a beautiful, but now lost wetland. I grew up playing within this fertile, shimmiering, beautiful wetlands. But now now they have vanished, drained back in white sand, and dead grass.

They are also a Remembering of my father, a stockman ( Americans would have called him Cowboy, I think). He drove cattle all through the Snowy …

Bob Salo Featured Artist

Bob Salo is an extremely emotive artist. I don't for one nano second think he intends an artwork to be so utterly emotive, but rather it is a reflection of the inner artist. This is Bob Salo - raw emotion combined with skills that challenge many of his peers.

Bon says of himself, "In my travels around the world I am always on the lookout for interesting subject matter. As a professional videographer, cameraman and a graphic design graduate of the Ontario College Of Art In Toronto Ontario, I have acquired a large of amount of visual elements that I can later combine and use in interesting ways to express what I felt at the time I captured that perfect moment with my camera. I enjoy searching for new material and can't wait to get back home to explore the new potential that computer technology has brought to creative expression."

Most of Bob Salo's work needs no description, least of all by me, the most terrible writer that ever there was. Bob's work doesn…