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T'Alyne : Featured Artist

T’Alyne completed a Masters of Fine Arts in printmaking and foundry at Arizona State University and was later awarded a long-term artist-in-residence position at Camac Centre d’Art , France where she continued her research in Europe. Her work in held in national and international collections including: E.on Energie AG, Germany, Museo De Arte Contemporanco, Carrillo Gil Mexico D.F., Mexico, Grand Valley State University, Michigan, Kaiser Foundation, California, Arizona Country Club, Phoenix, AZ, Fondation Frank Tenot, France, Bissell Corporation, Michigan. Currently, T’Alyne lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

T'Alyne says,"
My work focuses on the importance of mark making and how this establishes relationships and bridges between our understanding of the environment and self. I use water-based varnish and powdered pigments on fiberglass paper and wood panels to capture the temperament of my surroundings and reflect my ever-changing environment. Flickering between two-dimensional …

Nate Owens - Featured Artist

Nate Owens work is amazing! It's unique and in some cases as in the above, extremely funny.

Nate says, "For years I've done illustration for publications and gallery art (oils, watercolors, acrylics, etc.) The illustrations have appeared on everything from bus benches to ads, in magazines, tv spots and on gift products like coffee mugs, shirts, greeting cards and wall decor prints."

"The humor work has been the most popular and most widely published,inspired by growing up on a farm around tale-spinning great uncles and a menagerie of interesting critters."

I can certainly see why his humor works are so popular. I think anyone would have to be blind not to get a good laugh out of Nate Ownen's work, but at the same time one has to admire the sheer talent and craftsmanship behind it.

In contrast, this is a master's touch with a deeply emotive painting.

Soulfull montage painting.

Nate goes on to say, "Living in the western US for years, many of my pain…