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Different kinds of fine art photography - By Rafal Maleszyk

Different kinds of fine art photographyAuthor: Rafal Maleszyk Fine Art Photos

What is fine art photography? This is hard to define, what is art? Can it be anything that has been created out of passion, or anything that is beautiful. Not all art is beautiful. This is very wide topic and here I will focus on what kind of fine art photography can we find. Obviously it is not important what is photographed but how it is done. We can see not just a black blurry photos called fine art but very sharp detailed photos of garbage, it seems to me that fine art can be created with anything. In the past famous master artist were able to create art from ugly , gloomy, dark topic today photographers can do it with subjects that can surprise.

In today digital world just creating something that is very real without the over saturation of color, brightness or contrast can be considered fine art. We can find photos of grass or common bushes called fine art only because it has been taken by famous and esta…

Ed Meredith : Featured Artist

Ed Meredith is an extraordinarily talented artist and one I have the greatest pleasure of featuring his artwork. Ed actually has little to say for himself - which I understand as I think images speak very loudly for an artist.

I even call this words in image format - in other words I believe that artists communicate in a pictorial form on some level. This is only my opinion - there is no science to back it up.

Exquisite photography.

Do you see an owl? I do :)

An intrigue unto itself.

I'd say to anyone - you need to go and look at this image above to fully appreciate the artwork and the meaning.

Marvellous sense of form and solidity.

I have a great love for Vintage imagery and the above is no exception.

Do I have a favourite?

It's hard - and I believe it is one I have already posted above - and I shall let you, my readers,  work out which it may be.

However, there's never enough love in this world - so here is some from Ed's magnificent portfolio.

Please get that coffee or…

Lehua Pekelo-Stearns : Featured Artistic Photographer

Lehua says, "Art does not reproduce what is visible; it makes things visible.' Paul Klee, artist.
I photograph each image to 'tell it's story' and to reflect upon it's unique and strong visual aura. Living in Hawaii an unique and strong visual aura is all around you. My inspiration is to share that with others thru my photography. I hope my photography, 'makes things visible', in a special gift for yourself or a gift for someone special."

Yes! This week I found a favorite!!

"This is a colorful round mosaic tile table that sits in my kitchen just under the window and catches the light from the afternoon sun."

If you enjoyed this small offering of Lehua's talents and wish to see more - please click the link!

Lehua Pekelo-Stearns

Have a creative weekend everyone, and if you aren't an artist - enjoy the beautiful world around us all.

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Sal Marino Featured Artist And Author

Sal is a very unique artist, and he has quite a lot to say for himself. :) I shall let him do all the talking - he's kind of difficult to explain, but his images say everything.

"Yes girls, I'm Dashingly Handsome, Single, A Love God on my Home Planet of Zimdar and I'll be signing autographs later, so please stand back while I get naked and ready for this...[Rimshot & Cymbal Crash!] ...Started doing these goofy doodles when I was in High School about a hundred and eighty seven years ago."

"Did lots of other stuff too! Music (was almost a Rock at 11!), Photography (was an assistant for Ralph Gibson, got to meet the Art Elite in NYC), was poor, found Capitalism, got rich, then poor, then rich again, got married, had a son, got divorced, got poor again and now...who cares?"

"So I started painting and sculpting again for FUN> Some years ago (c2001) someone asked me what I call this stuff...For lack of a better excuse [and at the insiste…