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J L Meadows Featured Artist

J L Meadows says, "I'm an artist who specializes in imaginative imagery. I strive to create unique art pieces that stir the mind, delight the eye and touch the heart. My art is for those who love fabulous beasts, magical landscapes, nature, laughter and daydreams."

As you can see, J L Meadows is an extremely talented artist of whom I know very little about and yet I did get permission to show the artists works in this blog.
Please visit J L Meadows and see the works in a far larger format than I show here. You will enjoy the visit!!
Click To Visit The Artist -:
J L Meadows Fine Art
Zeana Romanovna
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Janis Grau Featured Artist

Janis is a very talented artist and her artwork, as it should, speaks for itself.

About Janis Grau -:"Maryland native, Janis Ilene Grau, has been working in watercolor for about fifteen years; as well as teaching middle school art for the last thirty-five years. In 1966 she earned a BFA degree from the Maryland Institute, College of Art. She has pursed course work at Towson University and various workshops earning credits in education and art equivalent to a Master’s plus 30. Janis lived for many years on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and now maintains a home in Ft. Myers, Florida. She has found numerous subjects for her watercolors from the natural settings in both of these coastal areas."

"She paints flowers, primarily, but also loves still life and landscape subject matter. Her love for the medium of watercolor grew from an early age when her high school art teacher, Jim Laubheimer, would require a weekly watercolor as homework. “He would send the class to paint “en pl…

Artist Feature Sandra Bronstein

Sandra Bronstein says, "It is my pleasure to share the beauty of the natural world and its magnificent wildlife as seen through my lenses for the last 25 years. Having been intrigued by many different elements in both the manmade and natural world, I strive to discover new and different ways to capture these varied elements. These wonderful places have provided me, and now you, a view into a world that continues to change. Simply put, we are viewing but a moment in time. Please enjoy your travels through this beautiful world. May your journey prove to be as exciting and fulfilling as it was for me the moment the shutter clicked."
Sandra is not only an extremely prolific photographer, she is also very artistic with a keen eye for what looks brilliant. Sandra Bronstein is one of those photographers that stand out from the start.

"This wonderful old barn was home for many years to the Dahmen family in Uniontown, Washington, near the beautiful Palouse area. One of the intere…

Therese Alcorn Featured Artist

Therese says, "I've created art for as long as I can remember - beginning with potato prints as a child and progressing to oil painting as a pre-teen. In recent years, I've had the privilege of attending workshops and tutorials by other artists whose work I admire, which has taken my passion for creating art to a whole new level. As well as oil paintings, I also produce art in the mediums of pen & wash, watercolour and mixed media. I'm inspired by nature, people, landscapes, cultures - almost anything that compels me to reinterpret an image or experience through my art. I simply can't imagine life without art."

Therese Alcorn has some of the most beautiful artworks you could ever possibly hope to see.

What a charming artwork, and Therese explains it as, "Representational of "The Empty Nest Syndrome" experience by many parents when the children grow up and leave home. The little touches of sunshine in the painting represent the notion that the…

Sharon Mau Featured Artist

Sharon Mau is a fine art photographer, journalist, visual communicator and conceptual artist residing upcountry on the beautiful tropical island of ihikapalaumaewa, more commonly known as Maui Hawaii - Paradise on Earth - Island of Rainbows, specializing primarily in beautiful tropical flowers, conceptual art and seascapes.

Sharon says via a quote, "'What keeps me alive is found between the images, between the words, between thought, the emptiness of feeling, and in the emptiness of the body... there arises the fullness and significance of life. - Basarab Nicolescu."

And this work I personally adore -:

Visit Sharon Mau by clicking the link below - you will certainly have a lot to view and enjoy!
Sharon Mau Fine Art
Zeana Romanovna
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