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Featured Artistic Photographer Scott Hansen

Scott gives credit to his Heavenly Father, and Lord and Savior, for all of his photographic abilities.
Beaufort Photographer - Scott C. Hansen is a long time resident of Beaufort, SC.
His photography career started as a Combat Photographer for the United States Marine Corps. His passion for photography remains today. Often times you may see Scott out and about photographing various areas of Beaufort and the surrounding lowcountry.

Scott sees himself more as an artistic photographer. His passion is capturing scenes we see every day and presenting them in a way that is unique and inspiring.
Scott was published in the June edition of Lowcountry Living Magazine.
Scott was most recently featured on the Smithsonian Magazine Website for his photo of the Old Sheldon Church.

To see more of Scott Hansen's large portfolio please click below and enjoy!
Scott Hansen Fine Art Photography
Romanovna Fine Art
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Christopher's Dream Artistry Featured

I've been a Freelance artist for most of my life. I've worked on many projects including lots of Sign work & Murals.

ART was the only subject in School I got straight A's in. I really didn't like school, to a large degree I learned how to draw by drawing on the back of my test papers. So I would often get an unsatisfactory grade on the test, but many teachers would grade my drawing on the back as well,....where I always got favorable grades.

I wish I could have gotten an Art Scholarship to an Art School, but sadly I was not lead that way. I always knew I'd be an artist, but it took me years to find real direction. Other than having an awesome Art Teacher in 6th grade that appreciated my talent and greatly encouraged me, I'm a self taught artist. I'm always looking to improve in all i do. I try to encourage other artists as well, because i know how important that is as well as how hard it is surviving as an Artist.
Fine Art America has made it possi…

Bill Wakeley Featured Artist

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years.My desire is to make images of my little corner of the world, Connecticut and the surrounding areas of the Northeast United States.Scenic vistas,intimate landscapes,wildlife,ocean views,and all things country are my inspirations.All these things are right near my home in beautiful Litchfield County here in Connecticut.Through the use of the modern day digital darkroom, I have many tools at hand for my creative expression.I create realistic,abstract,painterly,and inspirational images of the world around me.

Great care is taken before and after the image is made to achieve my artistic vision.Each work of art starts with an original idea or concept,and is not offered for sale until its exactly the way I invisioned it to be.This could take several minutes to several hours depending on the genre.I hope you see something that speaks to you and you would like to make your own.Art works are offered on canvas,metal,acrylic,as well as fine ar…

Dessie Durham Featured Artist

Dessie says, Welcome to my website of original digital art. My favorite mediums are oil, acyclic and watercolor. For many years, I have been a traditional painter, and am now expanding my work into the world of Digital art, so that I can share my paintings with a broader audience.
Digital technology offers me many opportunities to use other mediums, such as chalk, charcoal, impasto, pens and many other tools to create and ever-expanding portfolio. The work is relaxing and carefree and paint cleanup is accomplished with a click of the delete key. Colors change instantly and drying time has been drastically reduced!

Dessie Durham goes on to say, I paint using digital art the same way as I do traditional painting; using the same types of brushes, same kinds of mediums, and nothing has changed in how I paint, except this technology offers me more tools.
Art collectors from twelve states have collected my traditional art work over the years, and now that I am showing digital works of art I …

Carolyn Marshall Featured Artist

Carolyn Marshal says, As a Fine Art Photographer and Digital Design Artist, I love photographing nature in any form — florals, landscapes, animals, and creatures of all kinds. To balance my creative energies, I enjoy working with all of the digital tools available today to create unique pieces of abstract art. I also love being able to incorporate some of the poems I write into my photography for unique works of art. God gives me the inspiration from which I create, and I give Him all the glory.

Carolyn further says, Several of the images in my portfolio have received awards. Many have been licensed for use in websites and have been published in annual reports, brochures and other commercial media. My work is also found in private collections in homes and offices around the world. If you would like to customize the quotes, scriptures or text found on any of my creations, please contact me. You will find a link to see Carolyn's work and her contact at the end of this post. Please c…