Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Edouard Manet

Edouard Manet was a true impressionist whose career came around just as this group of artists was starting to build a movement which was to become so influential on all that followed and that is one of the reasons for why Edouard Manet is so much loved been today.

This article looks at Manet's Olympia, which remains his most famous painting and that remains on display in France where it has been ever since the artist's death. There was a long list of other significant paintings which we also can draw on here with this artist being someone who would never stick to the same content again and again and would always strive for more.

French art was at it's peak during the mid to late 19th century and Impressionism was very much at the front of that. Manet was joined in this group by the likes of Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and many others.

Olympia features a lady lying in her bed whilst a slave looks on and there are clear similarities in this painting with others that had gone before which possibly suggest that this artist was recreating a historical work but with his own style added in.

Fans of Edouard Manet should really check out the other impressionists if they have not already done so as there is more of the same to be seen there, in terms of quality and style used by he likes of Degas and Monet.

Reproduction copies of Manet paintings are now also particularly common and Olympia is just one of the most frequent choices for his fans who want to add selections of his art to the walls of their own homes. We would advise you to research all of the different options online as there are huge varieties of services out there with more and more art companies appearing online all the time.

Impressionism in general contains some of the most reproduced paintings in art history and Manet is just one of the highly celebrated artists to be found here, alongside the likes of Degas and Monet. With the increasing numbers of reproduction companies now online you should be able to get highly competitive deals on things like prints, posters and stretched canvases. The best way to find suitable quality for your needs is to study the reviews and perhaps find out if anyone that you know has tried them previously themselves.

You can find Manet paintings discussed at

There is also more on Manet Olympia at including a gallery of this and other of the artist's most famous paintings.

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