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Lynn-Marie Gildersleeve Featured Artist

Lynn-Marie says, "My passion comes from the ordinary and some times extraordinary objects I see each day. There is no subject I see not worth capturing and if done well, I find its personality and give it the attention it deserves. I am an amateur with a passion to learn more of this craft. My work has been hung in various local venues (mostly eateries) and I enjoy sharing tips and experiences with other photographers. This gallery is small in comparison to what can be found on Pbase as well as on my print on demand store Lasgalen Arts."

Please visit Lynn-Marie Gildersleeve by clicking on the link below,
Lasgalen Arts
A Happy Weekend To All!
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Anthony Rego Featured Artist

Anthony says, "While I primarily focus on Portraiture and Nature, in reality I would love to photograph just about anything, from the very small, to the very large, to anywhere in-between.
Nature in general intrigues me. Take a stroll outside in the summer and its pretty much like switching on the Discovery Channel. It only takes a keen eye and an intriguing curiosity to observe the little things along the way that make this world such an interesting place.
Feel free to browse my galleries, and see what intrigues you. Your feedback is welcome and all important, and so is your support and encouragement. If you see a picture below that you really like, you have the options of purchasing a Stretched Canvas Print, a framed print, a gallery wrap, acrylic print or a greeting card with that Picture or any combination of the above."

Please enjoy a visit to Anthony Rego's art portfolio by clicking below.
Anthony Rego Gallery
Romanovna Fine Art

Edgar Degas

Early Years of Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas was born in Paris as the son of a wealthy banker. He studied art at the famous Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. After having finished his studies he went to Italy where he stayed for five year studying and copying meticulously the old masters of the Renaissance. His decision to study the old masters was typical for his personality - that of a perfectionist.

Back in France in 1859, Degas exhibited his works for the first five years at the official Salon in Paris. Later he joined the Impressionists and showed his art work in their exhibitions from 1874 to 1886.

Subjects and Style

The favorite subjects of Degas were scenes from the world of entertainment and later from everyday's life. Ballet dancers, little ballerinas, women in intimate situations and horse races are the subjects that are immediately associated with him.

Degas in contrast to his impressionist colleagues, preferred to work in a studio. He made sketches of his subjects on the spot an…

Mixing Media and Fine Art

Andy Mercer Featured Artist

Andy says, Award winning and published artist Runner up and finalist in UK and international competitions My work can also be purchased at Habitat and Dwell major UK national retailers.
Work in private collections in England,USA,Canada,France,Spain,Australia and Mexico

Andy Mercer goes on to say Many of these works are also available as SIGNED LIMITED EDITION PRINTS, please contact me for further details
Fine Art America is an approved supplier of reproductions for my art. I'm not able to sign works sold via this site but all the works have been personally approved. Please contact me if you would like a signed certificate of authenticity for any work purchased on this site, this will distinguish your piece if the work becomes generally available as a low cost reproduction.
'The rules are - there are no rules.'
You can contact Andy Mercer at his personal website by clicking here and at the bottom of this post that you can visit him on Andy Mercer's Ar…

Rembrandt's Reformation As An Artist

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606–1669) is perhaps the quintessential Reformation artist. He began his artistic career following in the footsteps of his contemporary painters. His style in his youth was not unlike that of the great Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640): dramatic, sweeping, and idealized. As the circumstances of his life darkened, and his faith was tested, the changes that took place in his spirit became evident through all his paintings. Rembrandt had experienced a true turning point in his life that forced him to begin to take his faith seriously, rather than use his faith as a mere tool from which to obtain motifs for his paintings. While Rembrandt was not as overtly influenced by the Reformers as Bach evidently was, the Reformed notions of the person and work of Christ, salvation, and the centrality of the Bible stand out clearly in his work.
Rembrandt’s maturation as an artist can be traced alongside the circumstances of his life. During his early years, he was infl…