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Song To The Moon - A Best Seller - But Why?

I have many a time wondered why this work is a best seller. I know it's a beautiful moon, but there are many beautiful moon photographs, so what is it about this one?
Perhaps it is the image and I am a harsh critique of my own work, on the other hand maybe it's the title and the work.
I called it "song to the moon" after a very famous a beloved operatic aria by the same name. It really makes me wonder about the importance of titles in artworks. I had no intent to make people fall in love with the work and yet they did. In truth I named it after the aria because it is in my own musical repertoire and one I had always loved, so here is the image and the lyrics. Yes, they are in English for my followers :)

Silver moon upon the deep dark sky,

Through the vast night pierce your rays.

This sleeping world you wander by,

Smiling on men's homes and ways.

Oh moon ere past you glide, tell me,

Tell me, oh where does my loved one bide?

Oh moon ere past you glide, tell me

Tell m…

Immortal Swan

I have always adored swans, in fact I love all animals and birds, but swans have a beauty that to me brings out an almost creative instinct to seek out their very beauty within and create a pictorial story of what I feel.
This swan lays blissfully half awake and half asleep as if his life will go on for eternity. The sun warms his feathers where it shines and the shadows are cool blues stroked with other hues to impart the preciousness of life - life of everything that lives.

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Bonnie Muir Featured Artist

Photography has been a part of my life since I received my first camera at about age 10. As with everyone else, the first images were of family and pets. As I grew older and began to see the world with more knowledgeable eyes my subject matter became more diversified. As time progressed and I was able to obtain better cameras, my images improved.

I no longer use film, or work in the darkroom with foul smelling chemicals. Digital cameras and computers make photography so much more immediate. I am still learning and changing techniques. I will present my best images here.

To see more of Bonnie Muir's works please click below-:
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Angel Ortiz Featured Artist

It is always with a great pleasure that I feature artists of all types and from all differing walks of life, but it is with a great pride when I am able to feature an artist I have come to know, well, about as well as anyone can know anyone over the internet. Angel Ortiz is not only an extremely gifted artist, he is also one of the most kind and gentle people you would ever meet. I find this a beautiful combination, not to mention that artistically, Angel Ortiz is a Master in his own right.

Angel says, "I am just an artist that enjoys my work and all forms of exploration and celebration of beauty in all it's manifestations. I strive to create unique art pieces that stir the mind, delight the eye and touch the heart."

About Angel Ortiz -:"Angel Ortiz was born in Progreso in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico . He was born a gifted artist, achieving numerous awards for his artwork at school since he was very young. Angel has been in love with nature ever since, attracte…