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Red Splendor - Don't You Adore Red?

Red Splendor is what it is. A field of gloriously rich and freely painted poppies. If you love poppies and adore red, as I do, then you will love this!
Bright, bold and cheerful, poppies are loved the world over for many number of things, their beauty for one, their color, and lest we not forget they are a symbol of remembrance.
I am quite sure that you have a place in your home or office that simply needs some good cheering up or a change from what has been hanging there for a long time - so why not brighten your home. Art - it's good for the appreciator too!
That means you :)

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100 Ways To Stop The Winter Blues Now!

It's really very simple. You're stuck in snow, right? It's cold? Dull? A bit miserable? I thought so. Poor you. I just survived a week of 43-46C temps. Nice, warm and toasty. :)   But that's me and not you.  I mean you aren't me and I am not you.  You're totally fed up already, right?  You're cold, gloomy and miserable, not to mention irritable and grumpy!
Look at your house. Look at those walls. Ugh. Go put some bright and cheerful floral artworks on them. Just pick anything, it's got to look better than it does now.  If you're male and in the doghouse because you're moodiness has really ticked her off - you know, you aren't in her good books.  Buy her a flower that lasts. :)
Here's your over a hundred ways to stop the winter blues. :)
Oh, and wait, there's more - there's more than 100. Right here. :) Stop The Winter Blues Now!