Friday, 28 March 2014

Beautiful Autumn

Yes, I am very much into seasons at the moment - don't ask me why as I really have no idea as to why I do what I do at a given time.

Even if I did I don't think it would interest many people because art is so subjective, which is why I subject you to mine :) But really, the ideas are all within the images.

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Aren't the colors and tones of Autumn beautiful?

Click the image to see a larger view - and brighten up your home with some warm Autumn images.

Happy Weekend!


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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Free Textures and Overlays For Commercial Use

You like textures don't you? Especially freebies that you can use in your artwork and create new art with! Instead of paying some heavy-weight prices for textures and overlays it's often nice to know that a few of us love making textures and giving gifts.

So click the images which will take you to my website and download the full high resolution images you want. Download as many or as few as you like - and be sure to share this blog post with others! OK????

Romanovna Fine Arts: Free Textures &emdash; Painterly Earth Texture Romanovna Fine Arts: Free Textures &emdash; lemon snow overlay texture Romanovna Fine Arts: Free Textures &emdash; Lilac Snow overlay texture

Romanovna Fine Arts: Free Textures &emdash; Green Snow Overy Texture Romanovna Fine Arts: Free Textures &emdash; Blue Snow Overlay Texture Romanovna Fine Arts: Free Textures &emdash; blue grungy ice texture

Romanovna Fine Arts: Free Textures &emdash; white snow overlay texture Romanovna Fine Arts: Free Textures &emdash; Rough Parquet Texture Romanovna Fine Arts: Free Textures &emdash; vignette grunge texture

Romanovna Fine Arts: Free Textures &emdash; Autumn Snow Overlay Texture

I require no payment - but attribution is required and this ensures that many people get to enjoy them. You didn't think they were just for you did you?

Have a Great Weekend - Not Far To Go Now :=)

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

What Makes A Fractal And What Does Not?

Click the images to see larger versions!

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Photography Prints

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Fractals, so what's with them? In a word or two, maybe more, there are many types of fractals. Anyone can create a fractal, but not everyone can create on that looks close to being good. There's a lot of garbage out there and a lot of absolutely beautiful fractals - and it's the beautiful ones that don't only take creativity - they take an artist into the world of mathematics where math is as important as the creative process - then comes color and finally when on screen you have a beautiful design you need to render it, and no matter the machine you have under your desk, and trust me I have a powerful one, a fractal render for print can take days. No joke! So next time you look at a fractal, look for the smoothness, the patterning or intentional irregularity - and bypass the ones that are all thready. Coke wouldn't promote Pepsi and I'm now of the same mind - I don't mind naming "how to spot the trash." :)

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Have a Happy Weekend!

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Sunflowers - You Haven't Seen Them In A Long Time And I Have!

Whilst you have all be shivering away in the freezing cold - I have been enjoying Sunflowers. Oh, and sunshine, warm days and balmy nights. No Shoveling the snow. None of that mess in the morning. No sleet to drive through, no, none of that. :)

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See? You would give anything to see those when you wake up, but just of late for months now - a sunflower is like a dream. :)

No matter, soon you will be in the warmth, and until then, there is always someone like me who comes along with some evil cheerful words to let you know it isn't far away.

Sunflowers - what is there not to love about them? The petals twist and twirl according to how they blow in the wind and the glorious colors simply call to anyone close by to stop and look at their beauty.

Sunflower Glory is a modern painting sure to grace any space that needs brightening - made cheerful - or even in a waiting room for business purposes.

Sunflowers - don't walk past them - enjoy them! Um, when they appear for you - or get a beautiful print and enjoy your fantasy.