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Art And Math : Fractal Based Art

My art muse is slowly returning but creates whirl winds of creativity or totally disappears again, only to resume the cycle over and over again.

During this time I have taken to creating some fractals or fractal based artwork, and I am sure that the mathematic workout is helping to stimulate my art muse back into some semblance of creative thinking.

Some of these have been in existance for quite some time, but many are fairly new. I hope you enjoy browsing through my fractal collection.


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Arts International - Zazzle in Style!

Check out my new Zazzle store - Zazzle to me was always a maze of confusion, but it seems to be working out better this time, and the products are truly beautiful prints tried and tested by me!

Here's my link if you want to have a peek!

Arts International

Golden Lilies By Night Card by artsinternational
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Strawberry Delight Canvas Print by artsinternational
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Calla Lily Island Cavas Art Stretched Canvas Prints by artsinternational
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From The Moon To The Mist Canvas Art Gallery Wrapped Canvas by artsinternational
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Stawberry Delight Heart Ornament by artsinternational
Make customized christmas ornaments at Zazzle. Finally having some fun on zazzle and really enjoying creating different things!
Off to create more treats for the eyes!

Zeana Romanovna
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Textures - Free - Downloads

I am going through a texture creating cycle at the moment and have no real explanation as to why, well I do but it's probably of little interest to anyone.
I'm taking a huge course in advanced artistic photoshop and when it comes to the close of day I really need to unwind. Unwinding for me probably isn't the same as unwinding for you. I'm strange and you're not, right?
I create textures to relax. YOU get to download and enjoy them.
Happy Up and Coming Weekend - I have to run - Another "lesson" coming my way!
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Artisan Free Textures : Custom Created

I'm having quite a good time creating textures. I know artists love them and as I find them so relaxing and creative to make I want to share them around. Be sure to click the texture you like and that will take you to my website where you click above the texture and download the full resolution, and these are all big!  Download all or just the ones you like - the choice is yours.

Enjoy, and please feel free to leave a link sharing what you do with my textures :)

Happy Creating!



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Destruction Of The Earth Abstract Art

Destruction Of The Earth Abstract is a work based on what man does to the earth and the constant shredding of all natural things - be they plants or animals will one day change this planet into a place we no longer enjoy - a place that could become virtually inhabitable due to the lack of balance in all things natural.
Despite my description - everyone may see something different, which is interesting in and of itself.
Watermarks are not printed on final prints.
Be sure and enjoy your weekend!
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