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How To Bulk Schedule Your Posts With HootSuite The Easy Way

No, no art this week.  Yes, I have done some, but the point in this post is a little different.
Subject -: Automated Posting on Social Networks
Using automated posting for Twitter is quite controversial for some, although major businesses have no qualms at all in using social automation to make them appear awake 24/7.
Let's face it, no one can be awake 24 hours around the clock so automated posting is almost a must in a day and age where social media is the way business is turning.
Note: Automated posting does not mean that you can automate your messages and never ever say a human word to anyone!   Show you are a human being, be human and be humane - and for artists, stop being so darn up yourselves that you never retweet anyone - all the rest of us see are your continual automated posts.  Authors on the other hand are wonderful sharers of their inner lives with a rich sharing ability to many around them, and at this time I mostly applaud authors rather than artists.  I won't name…

Do You Love Flowers? I Do And Don't Much Care If You Do Or Not :)

Night Passions is a rose photographed in HDR format and worked carefully into a slight Vintage and yet romantic or warm theme.
Roses almost always represent love, passion,romance - but they are also given as gifts to people we care for deeply. I hope you like my warm passionate rose and thank you for looking at my artwork.
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Ok, so you want something more modern and vibrant. Fair enough, everyone has their own tastes.

Modern Bouquet is just that - very bold and saturated in color with an abstract background interwoven with the flowers.
This is more a work to brighten up an otherwise dull and cold room - a vibrant painterly photograph with a modern touch of abstract.
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No? Something more subdued? Ok. No problem.

Barely There Rose is a different version of 'night passions', the same rose worked in a different manner. I seldom if ever do the same artwork twice in different colors but admit a weakness to monochrome high key images, and this rose…