Friday, 23 May 2014

Do You Love Flowers? I Do And Don't Much Care If You Do Or Not :)

Romanovna Fine Arts: Flowers &emdash; Night Passions

Night Passions is a rose photographed in HDR format and worked carefully into a slight Vintage and yet romantic or warm theme.

Roses almost always represent love, passion,romance - but they are also given as gifts to people we care for deeply. I hope you like my warm passionate rose and thank you for looking at my artwork.
Ok, so you want something more modern and vibrant. Fair enough, everyone has their own tastes.

Romanovna Fine Arts: Flowers &emdash; Modern Bouquet

Modern Bouquet is just that - very bold and saturated in color with an abstract background interwoven with the flowers.

This is more a work to brighten up an otherwise dull and cold room - a vibrant painterly photograph with a modern touch of abstract.
No? Something more subdued? Ok. No problem.

Romanovna Fine Arts: Flowers &emdash; Barely There Rose

Barely There Rose is a different version of 'night passions', the same rose worked in a different manner. I seldom if ever do the same artwork twice in different colors but admit a weakness to monochrome high key images, and this rose was almost begging for that old vintage style retro appearance.

It isn't an image that is right in your face - it's very subtle and tender - barely there.
Ah, you know too much. You want the flower I literally spent half a week getting right. Hmmmm. I'll show it to you on the condition that you at least click the link and look!!!!

Romanovna Fine Arts: Flowers &emdash; Red Dahlia Elegance

Red Dahlia Elegance is an HDR photograph which has been surrounded by magical effects of vector,bokeh and very gentle texture and gradient work.

The overall theme is modern and - or romantic with luscious reds and scintillating sparkles and it took a very long time to create.
Have A Happy Weekend :)