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Healthy Fruit And Vegetable Shopping : Have You Done Yours?

I know, I know, the title is highly deceptive, but nowhere on my blog do I write that you are about to read things that are realistic.
The past couple of weeks I have finally finished some strangely different abstract realism paintings based on fruits and vegetables, except I have only come as far as punpkins in the vegetable section. For quite some time now I have kept a lot of unfinished paintings deliberately for times when I'm not feeling so well, and this is one of those times, but at least I got something done despite sleep patterns that are totally out of sync with the world - I achieved something!
This is a pear abstract painting - more expressionistic in my not so humble opinion!

Would you have known this was a pear? Of course you would have! It's bright and snazzy. It would suit a drab room and you have one that needs a little spark, don't you? You do!
This is an apple. Yes, it's very, very red. I wanted it so red and luscious that you would immediately r…

Do You Need Free High Resolution Textures? Good!

I’m having quite a good time creating textures. I know artists love them and as I find them so relaxing and creative to make I want to share them around. Be sure to click the texture you like and that will take you to my website where you click above the texture and download the full resolution, and these are all big! Enjoy, and please feel free to leave a link sharing what you do with my textures :) Happy Creating! Zeana