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Apologies For Getting Sick and Not Keeping Up My Blog

But it happens, you know? When you least expect it something happens that jumps out at you and takes you utterly by surprise and voila - all you have done stands still while the medical profession poke, prod and operate before they can say what is wrong with you.
That's why they call it medical "practice" :)
I'm on the mend - although my cognition isn't entirely normal, but I am as obnoxious as always. ;)
Before I was sucked into the medical melodrama - I would have made a fantastic feature in ER you know. Ever the drama queen - I can hear your thoughts. But - well, it's true.
Getting back to the before that,  I was working on animals and as I adore animals [the four legged kind and two legged feathered ones] I created these.

And this image which is part of what I am learning as I do an extreme Photoshop course. Of course I am way behind, but I'll catch up!

Well, that's it for me today, besides, I am off to watch an old movie and relax aka sleep no d…